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Forex news platform

forex news platform

DailyFX is the leading portal for financial market news covering forex, commodities, and indices. Discover our charts, forecasts, analysis and more. Forex Factory is where professional traders connect to the forex markets, and to each other. News / Latest Stories. Stream. News Block Settings. Exclusive news and in-depth analysis on global FX markets. FOREX STRATEGY SOURCE LLC

They generally break down their articles into two sections — political and economic. In addition to that, their live charts are a delight for traders as they show specific important events along with candlestick patterns, which can help traders enter and exit the market at the right time.

Their major focus remains on pivot points and moving averages, but along with that, they also have most of the major technical indicators to help traders ease their trading. Forexlive This website is undoubtedly the best forex news website available today in the market; they publish a large number of articles every day. They mostly publish short news articles, sometimes of around a hundred words, as their focus remains on covering as many topics as possible to update their readers.

Forexlive gives you a direction to see news and leaves analyzing them on you. They also have a section for technical analysis for traders that are more into it. These technical articles are also short, though they are filled with essential stats, charts, and data. On top of it, Forexlive also caters to a crypto news section for traders interested in cryptocurrencies. BabyPips In educating traders, BabyPips is considered to be quite renowned and a top forex news website.

They publish very engaging and educational articles, sometimes with a funny flair added to them to entertain them. Along with forex terms, they publish articles as well; most of them are based on the US Dollar. BabyPips publishes its weekly forecasts every Monday and reviews of various currencies every Friday. Their articles are focused on fundamental aspects. If you are looking for technical factors, you can mix technical news published on other sites with BabyPips to have the advantage of fundamentals and technical both.

BabyPips also offers a forum for traders to share their views and create a community. Their forex news section releases one article every day, but for traders, their forecasts section proves to be lucrative. FX Empire publishes frequent news under this section and provides traders with filters to search their desired topics.

The best thing about this forex news site is that it also releases articles on other financial instruments like equity, indexes, commodities, and more. ForexNews If you are interested in other realms of trading, such as cryptos along with forex, this website is for you. It publishes articles on daily markets along with other trading products. They also provide details on brokers depending on your experience, like if you are a novice or are in this field over a period of time, you can get reviews accordingly.

ForexNews focuses on business news under their finance section, which works well for stock market traders. This website publishes articles less frequently, but the quality of articles makes this site a top forex news website.

Though there are chances that their focus may shift totally to cryptocurrencies from forex news in the coming years. Action Forex If you are looking for currency pair news, this site is ideal for you as it covers all the major and minor currency pairs. They also have a weekly outlook report released every Monday as a part of their reading list. Action Forex stresses more on technical analysis, making itself the best place for forex news and giving a flair over technical and fundamental aspects of the market directions.

It is a must to note that they write not all the articles published on Action Forex; many are penned by renowned brokers and banks, giving it an experienced overall outlook. If you want an in-depth forex report with technical and fundamental involvement, Action Forex is your destination. They also provide articles on how trading psychology affects trading strategies. It publishes around seven articles every day, making it a top forex news website.

If you want to filter news for various currencies, you can do so and see their old articles through their archives. Their morning articles are generally focused on potential changes in the market, followed by hourly changes. In this regard, social media platforms would be of great assistance as the trader can get to know the currency pair where the action is currently going on. Blogs Forex blogs are nothing but customized web pages of individual traders who provide regular updates on the currency market.

Such blogs also offer analysis of currency pairs, teach new trading strategies, introduce new indicators, and even provide trade setups. More importantly, unlike a plain Forex news website, a reader of the blog will usually be able to communicate with the blogger. Forex news providers such as previously mentioned ForexFactory, BabyPips, and DailyFX offer customizable blogs section, which can be used by individual traders to provide news updates and write their thoughts on the market.

On the other hand, there are individual blogs run by well-known professional traders. Bankers and Institutional Level Contacts It is also one of the most reliable sources of news on currency pairs. However, unless you have a school or a college mate working as a proprietary trader, developing contacts with institutional level traders will take time. So, it should be the last option for a beginner trader.

Conclusion All the news sources mentioned above may not suit all traders. Depending on the timeframe of analysis, two professional traders may have contradicting opinion about a currency pair. So, depending on the trading style and risk profile, a trader should select the most suitable news provider and stick to a simple strategy. Otherwise, it would be too easy to sink in the overwhelming sea of mostly useless news and information.

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