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Saxo bank forex forecast next week

saxo bank forex forecast next week

DAX closed near the retracement at 13, A few days consolidation possibly up to near 13, should be expected. Selling pressure likely to resume. Forex analysis, forecasts, trading signals, and commentary on major and exotic currency Next Week's FX: Numbers Don't Lie By Saxo Bank - Apr 30, Saxo Spotlight: What's on investors and traders radars these two weeks on Oct 24? Central bank decisions, and earnings from tech giants and oil majors · FX. SPORTS BETTING BONUS SIGN UP

Saxo Bank has an excellent regulatory track record and holds numerous licenses in Tier 1 and Tier 2 jurisdictions, making it a low-risk broker for investing and trading in financial markets. These factors make Saxo Bank a trusted and reliable broker to hold your money when it comes to trading CFDs, forex, shares, options, and exchange-traded and over-the-counter OTC derivatives. About Saxo Bank Established in , Saxo Bank is one of the leading retail forex and multi-asset brokerages, servicing over , clients from its regulated entities across 15 international jurisdictions, including the U.

Each broker was graded on different variables, including our proprietary Trust Score algorithm. This innovative scoring system ranks the level of trustworthiness for each broker based on factors such as licenses, regulation and corporate structure. Read about Trust Score here. As part of our annual review process, all brokers had the opportunity to provide updates and key milestones and complete an in-depth data profile, which we hand-checked for accuracy.

Ultimately, our rigorous data validation process yields an error rate of less than. Learn more about how we test. Forex Risk Disclaimer There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. With respect to margin-based foreign exchange trading, off-exchange derivatives, and cryptocurrencies, there is considerable exposure to risk, including but not limited to, leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection and market volatility that may substantially affect the price, or liquidity of a currency or related instrument.

It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable, or that they will not result in losses. Countries such as Germany, China, and South Korea are the most vulnerable to a significant slowdown in consumption and their equity markets have reflected these challenges this year. The sector is unlikely to suffer a major setback before picking up speed again during This forecast for stable to potentially even higher prices will be driven by pockets of strength in key commodities across all three sectors of energy, metals and agriculture.

With global stocks of key food items from wheat and rice to soybeans and corn already under pressure from weather and export restrictions, the risk of further spikes remains a clear and critical danger. Gold is currently stuck in a wide range, but with the risk of a US recession in and inflation staying higher for longer, we see gold performing well in such a scenario. These developments will start to add tailwind to precious metal investments in We favour silver given the current weak investor participation and the additional support from a recovering industrial metal sector where supply, especially for aluminium and zinc, remains challenged by punitively high gas and power prices.

Oil majors swamped with cash, and investors in general, showing little appetite for investing in new discoveries suggest that the cost of energy is likely to remain elevated for years to come. We will need to see the Fed easing again before we can be sure that the US dollar is finally set to roll over. The US is only able to make policy at the margin on the fiscal side when one party does not control both houses of Congress and the Presidency.

If the Democrats surprise and maintain control of the House, it could completely flip the script on fiscal policy. In CPI-adjusted real-effective-exchange-rate terms, it is only mid-range since the Brexit referendum collapse. China might decide that it is simply no longer in its interest to maintain a strong currency, especially if commodity prices begin to fret at the economic outlook souring.

The Swedish krona looks cheap, but may need to see a major market bottom before its prospects can brighten sustainably. There are ways to create solid ground for the energy transition in Europe if we focus on tried and tested solutions around energy efficiency, nuclear power and industrial infrastructures. Energy efficiency, the blind spot of the European energy policy.

We need to invest in technological innovations, especially artificial intelligence AI , which could bring quick and concrete benefits to users and lower consumption from this winter onwards. Energy consumption has been reduced by a stunning 25 percent on average and users' satisfaction has increased by 10 percent.

This will lower energy consumption significantly, not in a matter of years, but within a few weeks of the technology being deployed. Whether we like it or not, nuclear energy is an integral part of the solution. While most European countries are reluctant to move forward, Asia is embracing it.

The prevailing belief that nuclear waste is uniquely dangerous and that the industry does not know what to do with it is false. Nuclear should definitely be an integral part of the energy transition if we ever want to reach a low-carbon economy. Europe has invested massively into the green transition but there is a missing piece. Namely, Europe's lack of industrial infrastructure and inability to control the supply chain required for this transition.

We are repeating the exact same mistake we made with Russia for fossil energy and China for masks and vital drugs during the Covid pandemic. Cryptocurrencies: The crypto space is getting cold when the hype disappears The crypto market has been quite dormant over the summer, but the crypto winter is changing the market into a more mature and healthier one.

Energy limitations and regulatory developments are raising concerns of future centralization while retail traders watch from the side-lines, but institutions are still in the game and key to showing that cryptos are more than an arena for blockchain enthusiasts and speculative traders. With fewer miners running the network, it will be less secure and may become less decentralised.

However, we do not see increased centralization as a major risk within the next couple of years.

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