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Cryptocurrency certification consortium

cryptocurrency certification consortium

Read writing from CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium on Medium. C4 establishes cryptocurrency standards that help ensure a balance of openness. The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4), has announced the world's first Bitcoin certification program aimed at helping solve the skills shortage. Learn the Fundamental Token Valuation (FTV) Methodology for Crypto. 3 BLACK CROWS FOREX MARKET

This 8-hour course covers everyday bitcoin criminal activities, dark web marketplaces, crypto crime investigation processes, and introductory topics regarding how cryptocurrency works and its legal and illegal uses. Cryptocurrency Certification Preparation Programs As discussed, some certifications result from a training course or program leading to the certification exam.

But are other certification training programs available? Online course providers like Udemy and Coursera offer online cryptocurrency courses that cover the material addressed in some certifications. The Udemy course is called Certified Bitcoin Professional: Pass The Certification Exam , containing two hours of videos, three articles, and a downloadable resource that discusses topics you would be tested on when taking the CBP certification exam. Coursera provides 20 free online courses relating to cryptocurrency.

Available courses cover the basics and foundations of cryptocurrency and blockchain, payment technologies, and smart contracts. Edureka has a blockchain certification training course covering, among other subjects, the bitcoin platform, and cryptocurrency concepts. Some colleges and universities offer cryptocurrency courses or certificate programs that could prove helpful in preparing for certifications.

However, students could explore loans to pay for costs associated with these studies. As stated, many cryptocurrency certificate programs, courses, certification training, and certification exams are all offered online. These certifications will help newbies as well as those who are already involved with bitcoin understand the history, various aspects of bitcoin technology, bitcoin based products and its uses, security features, best practices when it comes to coding and more.

These certification tests will include a series of questions which requires in-depth understanding of bitcoin and blockchain to answer. Those who clear the exam will be certified as a bitcoin professional by the organization.

While CBP is suited for everyone who enters the bitcoin domain, CBX is tailor made for those who are directly involved in development and testing of digital currency environments. The CBX program will be soon available for those who are involved in development, security, audit and digital forensics.

The consortium has also created a draft security framework that sets security standards for cryptocurrency systems across the world.

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Bitcoin Resources for the CBP Exam

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