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Nano btc tradingview

nano btc tradingview

Nano Coin investors are targeting the $ level as per the price forecast in the next few weeks. The XNO price is approaching the day moving average in the. Get instant access to a free live streaming NANO BTC chart. This unique Nano Bitcoin Binance chart enables you to clearly notice the behavior of this pair. Here is some hopium for our beloved NANO hodlers who believe in the BTC/NANO flippening. Should NANO follow repeating fractals, we could see NANO have a. FOREX BROKERS COMPARISON CHART

Some will speak to their family, partners, colleagues, etc, about their results throughout the period and use this as a way to motivate themselves to strive further, as nobody wants to reveal to their confident they have been slacking off for the last few weeks. This social aspect combined with its great charting and opportunities for detailed analysis make it a great platform for getting a much more conclusive understanding of the markets you are trading in.

Although it is a justified price for what you receive, you may want to reconsider if you do not have a large account. This will make things a lot harder. Even in the premium plans, it does not come with any level 2 data which is considered by some to be crucial when day-trading. It struggles to feature the news that is most influential to traders first, compared to other more minor news.

There is a substantial community of users creating and distributing stock analysis in a marketplace environment where you can buy and sell your own, this accompanied by the free indicators from the community makes a very good couple, apart from there being no support for forecasting.

It has some of the best and smoothest charts around, making your experience jitter-free and letting you focus on what is important. They also have some of the best and definitely the most drawing and analysis tools around. Their indicators are also incredibly extensive and hard to be rivaled. Coupled with their amazingly helpful social networking side, they have created a site and service that is envied by most trading services out there. It is truly a quality competitor of the market.

You can actually watch live streams of other traders making their moves while analyzing the market. If you are new to trading, the platform is extremely helpful as you can learn from other more experienced traders through the education section and their technical analysis of previous events. If you are more experienced, you can take part in a detailed discussion at your level and discuss where you think the market is going to go.

This account can be reset at any time and comes with an array of chart settings and other features in order to paper trade effectively. The first of which is the lack of support. When using Metatrader, you cannot carry settings across devices or anything like that, your home settings are specific to that PC and you have to change any other device accordingly.

Furthermore, due to this, if your PC crashes then you will lose all of your current settings. FTX is also a newcomer and should be available soon. A quite powerful menu, and each of them maybe not the notes tab is worth its own article series. Tradingview Right Menu orange In the right menu, you can also do many different things. First of all, you can set your customized watchlist of crypto assets; in our example, How to use Tradingview.

You can create multiple lists, for example, for day trading, a watchlist, one for your swing trading, or a HODL portfolio. You can also set and manage the alerts that you might set if, for example, your favorite cryptocurrency is breaking resistance levels. You can define how you want to be alert and your alert message. You can also choose how to be notified; options are notifications via app, pop-up, email, webhook URL, buy playing a sound, or SMS.

You can also scan the latest news related to a trading pair, check the economic calendar, write down trading ideas, chat with other platform users, check the idea stream or live trading streams of another user, etc. Be careful with picking up trading ideas from others, always backtest ideas, and do your own research. If you want to learn and improve your skills, sharing your ideas and picking up ideas, and getting feedback is for sure a great idea to do so.

You can also directly chat with other users with the onboard chat functionality. How to use Tradingview It can be overwhelming, but I will run you through how you could get started with setting up your first chart. I wrote an article What is bitcoin? The next step is to choose a timeframe; as you see indicated by number 2, we are using the daily timeframe. I am using higher timeframes to get an idea of the current trend and for swing trading.

For day trading or scalping, I am using smaller timeframes, for example, the 5min, 15min, or 1h timeframe. I try not to trade against the trend, and the trend can be confirmed in the higher timeframes. In the next step 3 , I choose to change the price action in the chat window from the line chart to Candles or Heikin Ashi to get more detailed price information. If you want to change the general setting of your chart, you can click anywhere on the blank space in the chart window, right-click and select settings.

How to draw trend lines, support, resistance, and set alerts If you are a more experienced trader, you will also have more advanced charts and would like to draw support and resistance levels in your chart. We will do that, and also we will be setting some alarms.

You will see your lines and boxes also if you switch between timeframes. If you switch to another asset, you obviously have to draw your lines again. It's really easy to set an alarm, right-click on the chart, edit the price if needed and define a message.

You can also choose how you want to be notified via app notification, as a pop-up, sound, email message, or webhook. In this example, I want to be notified when we are coming closer to the bottom line of the support box to see if we are breaking further down or also when we are entering the resistance zone. If we break out of the resistance zone and it is confirmed, it will turn into our new support zone.

Obviously, you can do more things here, but for us, that's all we need for now. Let's have a look at indicators. How to insert technical indicators I wrote a whole article on Crypto Indicators and Metrics , have a look there if you want to learn more. We will add the 50 and moving average to our chart just for educational purposes. The moving averages are very straightforward tools in Technical Analysis.

The 50 MA represents the average price over the last 50 units of time. If you are in the daily timeframe, the 50 MA is the average price for the last 50 days. A predefined set of indicators and the public library of There is just a limitation on how many indicators per chart you can add. Press the indicator button, type in the moving average, and choose your technical indicator.

Image Credit:tradingview. Now you are ready to go. The next step is to add your favorite assets to your own personal watchlist. How to Create Your Own Watchlist Now we want to choose our favorite cryptocurrencies that we want to analyze.

Nano btc tradingview bitcoin price history graph


I'm a new trader here who barely knows how to make charts and analyses. I'm Kyurico, and here is MY idea. Disclaimer: I am not a professional trader and analyzer and would not advise you to trade my ideas unless you are willing to risk some of your BTC. This idea is only to inform others of a possible analysis and trend. Strong coin, strong team, and it definitely has momentum! Here, we have a coin that broke out again after a previous breakout.

This breakout that put NANO out of the downtrend, and it now in the uptrend. And then it will drop significantly. This is my current projection on the BTC chart: As you can see, it has a robust purchase candle in yesterday's closing, breaking the resistance of the USD, confirming the upward triangle. The projection of this figure is equal to the first wave that gave rise to the geometric form that is equal to USD USD target over the resistance line of 0.

Investors who were focused on the alts in our case Nano , now return their investments in this current high of the BTC. Conclusion: Almost all the alts are in decline at the moment, I believe that the investors who were following the alts are taking advantage of the high that the BTC is providing, when the btc falls again, the alts tend to come back as well.

Nano btc tradingview how to stream cryptocurrency with node js

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