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Investing in water utilities

investing in water utilities

Aging Infrastructure Needs Huge Investments: The water and wastewater infrastructure is aging and is gradually nearing the end of its effective. This enables investor owned water utilities to deliver safe and reliable water and sanitation services. Water and Impact. Investing in water combines free. And, yet, investing in the best water stocks on today's list just may that make individual products such as meters, and water utilities. CRYPTOCURRENCY SCHADENFREUDE

This covers things such as water storage, testing and efficiency. Xylem has built its business to provide everything that a water utility could need. Whereas many companies just offer meters, pipes or valves, Xylem provides the whole range of things a water utility is looking for.

This creates efficiency in terms of sales and marketing. The company is a true one-stop shop that saves time and guesswork for clients. This shows investors are willing to pay up for the pure-play water equipment leader. Story continues a tractor tire pictured in a field on the tractor Source: Shutterstock Valmont Industries NYSE: VMI is an under-the-radar industrial conglomerate primarily focused on making fabricated products for a variety of uses.

Think of things such as metal, wood and steel poles used in traffic, lighting, cell phone towers and the like. But Valmont also provides water management solutions and technology for the agricultural industry, including the manufacturing of mechanical irrigation equipment. In many areas, drought and water scarcity are big concerns, so a company like Valmont that can help farmers use water wisely is of great importance.

Valmont is exposed to sectors such as transportation and agriculture, which should fare better in a recession than many others. After all, transportation benefits from the recent infrastructure bill, while agricultural demand is elevated thanks to geopolitical uncertainty. The company manufactures and sells water meters, both mechanical and static, to municipal water utilities.

It also offers related radio and software technologies and services. And its flow instrumentation products, which are used to control how much liquid or gas flows through a pipe or pipeline, are used in the water industry, as well as heating and cooling and corporate sustainability markets. In recent years, Badger Meter has broadened its business with a big push into water quality, industrial discharge monitoring and other related services. Ecolab is an all-in-one service provider for hotels, factories, restaurants, government facilities, lumber mills, data centers and more.

The idea is that Ecolab provides chemicals to clean surfaces and materials, treat water, kill pests and maintain product quality. The DAI-led dialog produced a concept that addressed the needs of both the banks and water utilities. With this design in hand, we then secured the necessary support of policy makers and government institutions.

Once the fund was operational, DAI helped promote it and created a flow of financeable water projects that, in turn, has built the capacity of these private financing institutions to analyze and appraise further water supply projects. The DBP and private banks agreed to split the funding of large projects to spread risks. This shared public-private financing and shared risk provided enough security to mobilize private financing.

We also used the ensuing transactions to improve the governance and efficiency of the water sector by working across the water utility, government regulatory, and financing marketplaces to align incentives and solidify support for reform. Its blend of JICA funds with private loans enables financing in the terms and tenors required by utilities for long-term investments in water and sanitation infrastructure.

The PWRF model provided sufficient guarantees to give banks a low-risk entry into this new market. Alongside the funding mechanism itself, the program developed a system to rate utilities for credit risk and built the capacity of lenders to better assess and identify bankable opportunities in the safe water and sanitation sectors. Stronger Utilities—Until water utilities could show that they operated viably and could produce projects that would generate strong cash returns, private banks were reluctant to engage the sector.

PWRF supported reforms by the utilities, particularly in business planning and financial management, that led to significant improvements in financial and operating performance. We further consolidated training under the Philippines Association of Water Districts and sponsored collaboration that helped lenders and borrowers communicate on how to create financially viable projects while also exposing utilities to the financial rigor of commercial loans.

Regulatory Clarity—PWRF facilitated the drafting of a bill to create a Water Regulatory Commission, an independent quasi-judicial body with the power to penalize utilities that fail to meet network expansion and quality targets.

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