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My place elizabethtown pa menu

my place elizabethtown pa menu

View the online menu of My Place Restaurant-Pizzeria and other restaurants in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. We, The Bellia Family, have been serving and supporting the community of Elizabethtown for many years. Our restaurant offers a variety of Italian foods such. All info on My Place Italian Restaurant in Elizabethtown - Call to book a table. View the menu, check prices, find on the map. J2 LEAGUE BETTING TIPS

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My place elizabethtown pa menu bettingclosed com my place elizabethtown pa menu


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I brought this to the waitress attention and she refilled my cup, but again it wasn't hot. Therefore, before I had even drank half a cup, it was lukewarm, so I didn't finish it. The real problem was the food. I ordered the RBK. The menu describes this dish as "three eggs scrambled with shredded cheddar, home fries, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, onions, and peppers with a biscuit or toast".

I started to eat it and took a couple of bites and found myself thinking, "weren't there supposed to be scrambled eggs in this"? I looked up the menu online and sure enough it said three eggs scrambled. There were NO eggs in the dish I was served. I brought this to the waitress's attention and she went to check with kitchen. She came back and tried to tell me that the three eggs were in there, you just couldn't see them. I emphasized that it was obvious that no eggs were in the dish I was given.

I mean it was plainly visible that all the ingredients were there, except the eggs. She also said that the kitchen was scrambling some eggs for me, which she delivered soon after. I make something similar at home with home fries, peppers onions and usually two scrambled eggs, and the eggs are always visible in the mix.

I dont know, maybe it was just an honest mistake and the cook forgot to add the eggs to the frying pan, but it is pretty incredible that they would try to tell me that three eggs were so well mixed in that you just couldn't see them. I didnt think to add the eggs to the potatoes, etc. Red Clown Pizza was a lil overcooked. Meats were dry.

Not enough toppings or cheese. But it was edible. Man it always gets this way with fast food. For a few years it's awesome. Now it's mediocre at best. It did not taste bad tho. We ate all but 2 pieces. Cmoon Pappa! I know your better than this. With great italian food like the wings, our yummy drinks, amazing service and the experience to tie it all together, we're sure to leave you with a lasting memory! Check out our restaurant menu or call us at !

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My Place

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