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Chael sonnen vs anderson silva 2 betting odds

chael sonnen vs anderson silva 2 betting odds

Anderson Silva is still favored over Chael Sonnen for their fight at UFC this Sat., July 7, , i n Las Vegas, Nevada, just days. Silva hasn't lost an MMA fight since January 20, , and it looks like the Las Vegas odds makers feel that he is going to win again. Even. Silva is in the UFC and considered the favorite in this rematch, as he has a money line of to win, while Sonnen has odds of + to. BROWNS BENGALS BETTING ODDS

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Chael sonnen vs anderson silva 2 betting odds robo investing schwab stocks


Put Menjivar in a small parlay. Cote was apparently an underdog at some point in time, but anything better than should be jumped on. If the odds get just a little bit better, put money on him. Plus, Maia who was in the process of bulking up , will be making a rather obviously-desperation-driven cut to Look, did we really need to see Tito and Forrest fight a third time?

Both men are past their primes, Tito more so, and the chances of either making any sort of impact in the division are nil. I think Forrest wins easily, but the Ryan Bader fight proved anything can happen. Leave this be. Still, Chael is Chael, so you never know what might happen. Silva has been outspoken at the UFC press events recently.

He has been downright scary in his statements and demeanor. Until Saturday night, we won't know if this will benefit or hinder the champion. It is all speculation at this point. What we do know is what we saw the first go-around. Sonnen utilized his wrestling expertly against the Brazilian, hammering away for over four rounds until he got caught in a triangle choke and tapped out.

Was Silva injured? Was it just a near perfect game plan? Can he do it again? We should find out on Saturday. Prediction: This is such an interesting fight. While some detractors may say the first go-around was a bit boring , I found it intriguing. We had not seen Silva dominated in that fashion. It was interesting to watch the first time and will be more so the second time.

Sonnen has to close the distance and do exactly what he did at UFC Silva, however, has experienced this inside the Octagon now. Giving him more information to break down an opponent is deadly. That is the biggest X-factor in this fight. Silva saw the best Sonnen; Sonnen did not see the best Silva.

Out to prove a point, on his feet this time, Silva should take out the challenger in jaw-dropping fashion. See Also Anderson Silva wins by knockout in the first round. See Also Video Anderson Silva vs. All of talking is just about done and soon enough, Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva will finally get back in the cage..

Tito Ortiz vs. Forrest Griffin. Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva. Now for the fight itself.. My heart wants Chael to win.. If Chael is going to win, he is going to do what he did first time around and he will, he WILL close it out.. HE is the guy who has sparked interest in not only himself, but Anderson Silva.. If Chael wins, we have a set up for an epic rubber match which can finally be in the stadium in Brazil.. So yes… my prediction — Sonnen gets Sonned in the 2nd round..

But I think Silva will use his kicks more to keep Sonnen at bay. Striking Defense: Anderson Silva. They say 'fighting styles' make fights, so this has the potential to be another doozy. That being said, there's also a chance that it will end quickly. Leading up to their 1st fight, Sonnen had something to say at every turn..

He was trash talking Silva and cutting WWE worthy promos every time a microphone was near.. The underdog nearly backed up his boasts too, though he eventually tapped out after controlling the majority of their first battle.. Silva is arguably pound for pound the best mixed martial artist in the world today..

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter is about as well rounded in the cage as they come, and his devastating strikes are legendary.. If Sonnen is able to dictate the pace early and get Silva to the ground, he could push the fight to the later rounds.. Who is your money on? Video Silva vs. I see Dos Santos able to weather a storm in the first round, and find a way to keep this fight standing in the second, and using his very good stand-up and his power to ultimately finish the fight..

I think this fight will be much different than their encounter, and as dangerous a striker as Alves is, and he has good takedown defense, but as shown in his fight against St. Pierre, he can be taken down by an elite wrestler, and while St. Pierre is arguably the best wrestler in MMA, Fitch is ranked really high on the list.. The fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen takes place this Saturday in one of the most eagerly anticipated rematches in combat sports history..

Sonnen landed more significant strikes against Silva in Round one than any UFC opponent had in an entire fight against Silva.. Sonnen outstruck Silva everywhere, even at distance and in the clinch Sonnen did a masterful job of controlling where the fight took place, ensuring that he was nearly always in the advantageous position.

UFC - Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 2 - Who do you want to win? John D. Villarreal Digital Ventures 2. Chael Sonnen will destroy anderson silva at UFC 5.

Chael sonnen vs anderson silva 2 betting odds better place yacht owner financing

Chael Sonnen: 'The Better Guy Won Tonight' (UFC 148 Post-Fight Video)


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Chael sonnen vs anderson silva 2 betting odds fractions of bitcoins

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 2 Highlights (Biggest Rematch Ever) #ufc #andersonsilva #mma

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chael sonnen vs anderson silva 2 betting odds

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