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Hearth wiki ethereal peddler

hearth wiki ethereal peddler

Depending on the number of stolen cards you have, you can also play your Ethereal Peddler. As a 5/6 for 5, they have a nice board presence as well as. Nov 7, - Card Name: Ethereal Conjurer Artist: Benjamin Zhang. Ethereal Peddler - Hearthstone Wiki Alien Character, Character Inspiration. you will find a list of all the Rogue-only spell, minion, and weapon cards in Hearthstone. Ethereal Peddler Kara, Minion, 5, 5, 6. COVER BET 3 PLACES EXPLAINED

With your spells, board presence and eventual stolen cards, you can tempo your way to late game. Late game Late game is what changes radically depending on the match. If you are in a tight spot you can play Yogg Saron and pray to the RNG god to lay salvation upon thee. You can also drop N'zoth, as even if they board clear, your hand will refill with ressources you can use to finish of your opponent.

Keep in mind, this deck as a lot of RNG in it, thus i can't say what finishers you will steal from your opponent. The key is to know what to play first! Yogg, N'zoth or an eventual stolen finisher? This depends on what your stolen cards are, your current condition and match up. Synergies Backstab is a easy and effective way to activate SI:7 Agent's combo. Thalnos can be a cheap way to increase spell damage. Preparation can be used to both activate Combos and play Burgle and Fan of Knives for free.

Essential cards By Burgle i mean all your stealing cards. It's the main theme of the deck. Afterall, it's called Thief Rogue. That card that originally pushed people to make this deck. This is the card that will give you value for playing Thief Rogue.

This is the card that guarantees you have enough steam to deal with your opponent. Final thoughts Although good this deck isn't really a Tier 1 competitive deck. But what it lacks in competitive more then makes for it in fun! Occasions where Mal's men appear without their leader are typically at the Skull and Dagger, the cafe headquarters of Agrabah's guild for thieves and criminals, often referred to by Abis Mal himself as a "den of thieves".

Appearing in the TV series[ edit ] Amin Damoola voiced by Jeff Bennett impersonating Peter Seller is a clumsy, cowardly, and incompetent thief, who appears in four episodes. Amin always finds a way to cause trouble for Aladdin and usually ends up in trouble himself. Some of these ways are stealing a magical glove, creating a large green frilled lizard -like dragon, and getting a bunch of magical tools from Mozenrath. In his last episode he was working for Mozenrath who realized too late a mistake in hiring Damoola; when Damoola is down to two of his last two magical tricks, Mozenrath gives him a simple choice: succeed in stealing the Sultan and become the greatest thief in Agrabah, or face Mozenrath's anger and be forced to serve him for the remainder of his life.

True to form Damoola is defeated by Aladdin and Genie; an enraged Mozenrath did not take his failure too well, and it is likely that he possibly turned him into a mamluk, a zombie soldier, or something even worse as punishment. His first name Amin is common in Arabic , but his last name Damoola is a play on words referring to his insatiable greed. Amin is so incompetent as a thief that he is nicknamed "Butterfingers" by his fellow criminals. However, he dislikes this nickname so much that he is willing to start a fight.

Arbutus voiced by Ron Perlman is a sorcerer who only appeared in the episode "Garden of Evil". He has the power to make vegetation and flora immediately grow and manipulate them to his will. His name comes from the tree genus Arbutus. While not evil in nature, he has more in common with plants than with humans and sees most humans as enemies for killing his beautiful works of art for their crass purposes.

He sees himself as an artist and makes most plants grow with the intention of creating something beautiful, even during battle. He is especially appreciative of 'living beauty' and while he prefers plants he is aware that other organisms such as birds and even humans can enhance his artwork. Many years ago, a younger Sultan came to the garden of Arbutus because he had heard that the most beautiful flowers grew there, to pick a flower for his bride. Arbutus did not attempt to harm the Sultan upon his entry, as he admired the beauty of the garden.

But the sorcerer was enraged when the Sultan plucked a flower, effectively killing it. To allow the Sultan to go free he demanded that in 20 years time he be given the Sultan's most precious treasure. Desperate to escape and not fully grasping Arbutus' meaning, the Sultan quickly agreed and hurried away. Twenty years later, Arbutus came to Agrabah for the Sultan's most precious treasure — Jasmine. At no point in the episode does he make any attempt to physically harm Jasmine despite holding her captive, and even befriends her briefly due to her gentle words, her appreciation of his artwork, and the fact that she is named after a flower.

Arbutus' only weakness is the rose on his lapel. Once it is cut off, he withers and dies, as does the beautiful garden which he created. Princess Jasmine explains to Aladdin that Arbutus is not evil, only "different", and she, Aladdin, the Sultan and the Genie replant the flower, which perks up, and a deep inhalation is heard, suggesting that Arbutus might still be alive. Aziz voiced by Michael Bell is one of Aladdin's first adversaries in the series.

He is a small and ugly man, later turned to a goblin -like creature who can use his breath for almost anything, including creating illusions and turning people into small slug -like beings. It is apparent in the episode "Destiny on Fire" that these powers come with a price, as throughout the episode, Aziz seems to have a short breath and eventually goes on fire.

Chaos voiced by Matt Frewer is a winged blue cat who desires that life be unpredictable, full of surprise and change. Chaos is an extremely powerful entity of whom both Mirage and the Genie are terrified. He does get angry and sensitive when people start giving him orders, and often warns them in a threatening voice not to do so. He also has a strong dislike of Fate, since the notion of predestination rubs him up the wrong way. Eden voiced by Valery Pappas is a genie who is the Genie's girlfriend.

She is first introduced in the episode "Some Enchanted Genie" and only appears in one other episode; "The Book of Khartoum". Haroud Hazi Bin voiced by James Avery is Abis Mal's sarcastic and cynical right-hand henchman who often considers his boss' schemes ill-conceived. Mechanicles voiced by Charlie Adler is a mad scientist who always styles himself as "greatest of the great Greek geniuses".

He makes complex technological robots resembling both insects particularly beetles , and other arthropods such as scorpions , in a range of sizes from minuscule to gigantic. Though he dislikes it when things get messy around him. A cat-like enchantress holding powers over illusions, dreams and shadows, her magic powers are enough to create a mirage of Agrabah, its people and Aladdin's friends. Mozenrath voiced by Jonathan Brandis , [12] understudied by Jeff Bennett is a young evil sorcerer and necromancer.

He is the third major arch enemy that Aladdin faces after Abis Mal and Mechanicles. Mozenrath is just as evil as Jafar, with Iago once referring to him as "Jafar Junior", comparing the two sorcerers' ambition and cruelty. Despite their similarities, there is no connection between Jafar and Mozenrath. Due to the price of the gauntlet's power, Mozenrath's right arm has become completely skeletal, and it has implied that the gauntlet will eventually kill him.

He is the ruler of the Land of the Black Sand, this kingdom has naturally black sand, the sun is always blocked by clouds, and the only residents are himself, his flying eel sidekick Xerxes, and an army of undead Mamluks. He is quite open and accepting about his own cruelty, and he prides himself on his ruthlessness. He took control of the Land of the Black Sand from its former ruler, the sorcerer Destane. According to Iago, Destane was "a real hard case.

Even Jafar steered clear of him. Mozenrath's main goal is to become the world's most powerful wizard and to rule the other six kingdoms of the Seven Desertd. While he and his undead Mamluk soldiers have secure control over the Land of the Black Sand, they are not powerful enough to conquer the other kingdoms that Mozenrath seeks to rule.

Because of this, his plots and schemes usually involve obtaining more magic and becoming more powerful. Before he can accomplish his goal of total despotic rule he must overcome the only two obstacles to his plan [Aladdin and Genie]. Through the course of the series he tried to kill Aladdin and his friends multiple times. He also attempted to capture the Genie several times to use his magic for his own purposes. Despite Mozenrath's determined and ruthless attitude, he seems to enjoy bantering and tormenting Aladdin and his friends.

At his first meeting with Aladdin, he is polite and even friendly until he shows his lack of compassion for others. This is when Aladdin makes it clear he does not wish to work with Mozenrath. In subsequent appearances, Mozenrath often loses interest in his plans as soon as they are defeated and does not attempt to kill Aladdin after their battles have ended. His overall demeanor is one of boredom and impatience. After being defeated by Aladdin multiple times in the course of the series, Mozenrath's final appearance his magical gauntlet has physically exhausted Mozenrath to the extent that he tries and fails to take over Aladdin's mind and body and ends with him losing his gauntlet and being sent away in a giant balloon with his sidekick Xerxes by the Genie.

Originally, in Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Mozenrath was the main villain, and the plot of the film was going to reveal that he and Aladdin were brothers. However, according to one of the writers of the film, the plot was changed because the development team did not want the film to be tied to the television series too much and were also unable to get in contact with Jonathan Brandis Mozenrath's voice actor , which prompted them to change the storyline and move onto another one of Aladdin's relatives: his father.

Xerxes voiced by Frank Welker is a flying eel who is Mozenrath's loyal sidekick. The Mamluks are blue zombie soldiers that serve Mozenrath. The Mukhtar voiced by John Kassir is a reptilian humanoid, apparently the last surviving member of the race of Mukhtars, sworn enemies of Genies. Though Mukhtars would generally hunt Genies just for the honor, the last Muktar acknowledges that times have changed, and now he hunts Genies for gold.

Like Genie, he does not have a specific name. He is often seen riding on a horned reptilian ostrich named "Saurus". Saurus vocal effects provided by Frank Welker is a bipedal dinosaur-like creature with an eagle head and is the pet of the Mukhtar. He appears in "Genie Hunt" and "The Hunted". His name means "lizard" hence dinosaur meaning "terrible lizard".

Phasir voiced by Ed Gilbert appears frequently through the series. His first appearance is in the episode "Do the Rat Thing", but he is not named or given any background until the episode "The Prophet Motive", where he is identified as Phasir, an old seer and powerful wizard who turned his evil giant brother Fashoom into stone many centuries ago.

The end of that episode also reveals that he actually has a single eye like a cyclops, but he wears bands over his one eye which makes him appear to be blind. Later episodes, such as "Eye of the Beholder" and "While the City Snoozes" hint that Phasir has had dealings with Mirage in the past and they may have once been lovers.

Sadira voiced by Kellie Martin is a sand witch introduced in the TV series. She is a street rat like Aladdin whom she becomes infatuated with after he saves her from Razoul and after learning sand magic shortly afterwards tries to use her magic to win over Aladdin's heart. Sadira later reforms after her third attempt and becomes friends with Aladdin, Jasmine and the others.

Sadira also briefly appears in Aladdin and the King of Thieves attending Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding. He is depicted being 20 feet tall, having blood red skin covered in fur, the tail and legs of a lion, and the wings of an eagle.

Saleen voiced by Julie Brown is a snobbish Water Elemental specifically a siren, a type of mermaid who hates not getting her way. Her goal is to steal Aladdin for herself and make him her merman prince of the sea. Armand vocal effects provided by Frank Welker is an octopus who is Saleen's companion.

Ayam Aghoul voiced by Hamilton Camp is an undead sorcerer, obsessed with trapping Aladdin and his friends in the Netherworld forever. Aghoul is able to wield dark magic, controlling skeletal minions and tossing grenade-like explosive skulls as some of the ways he confronts his opponents. However, Aghoul is often sent back to the Netherworld in the end. Because of Aghoul's undead passion, Iago often nicknames him "Death Breath". His name is a comical adaptation of "I am a Ghoul ".

Queen Kimbla voiced by Linda Gary is an anthropomorphic kangaroo who rules a valley of anthropomorphic animals. She and her fellow anthropomorphic animals were distrustful of man until the day Aladdin fell into their valley while rescuing a koala kid from falling off a cliff.

After Aladdin prevented a flood as a result of Iago taking one of the diamonds from the dam and had defeated Brisbane in combat, Queen Kimbla saw that not all humans are bad and that Iago is proof that not all animals are good. Sydney voiced by John Astin is an anthropomorphic spotted hyena who works for Kimbala.

He serves as the valley's teacher. In the form of a wallaby, Genie was brought to Sydney's class by Brisbane as Sydney teaches his students about why humans are bad. Brisbane voiced by Michael Dorn is an anthropomorphic common warthog who serves as Queen Kimbla's enforcer. After Aladdin stops the flood as a result of Iago taking one of the diamonds from the dam, he fought Brisbane to the death.

The match was considered a draw when Aladdin prevents Brisbane from falling into the spiked pit that they fought over. Shadow Aladdin was created by Ayam Aghoul, he originally is a henchman of Aghoul's shadow. When Aghoul is killed, Shadow Aladdin goes off by himself. However, as he looks for a new host body, Aladdin recaptures him.

Riders of Ramond are brave warriors who fear nothing that crosses their path. Caliph Kapok voiced by Tim Curry is the disembodied head of a wizard who desires to have ultimate control over his kind-hearted body. Sootinai voiced by Dorian Harewood is a smoke spirit that only appeared in the episode, "The Vapor Chase"; it was originally composed of smaller spirits.

When all of the spirits merged into one, they became Sootinai. Sootinai can absorb the smoke from fires, making himself larger and more powerful. He is a giant among them and is a bit of a gentleman, compared to his minions' hostile behavior.

Thundra voiced by Candi Milo oversees all the world's weather. She is Iago's romantic counterpart. Malcho voiced by Hector Elizondo is a giant flying serpent who is an enemy of Thundra and later Iago and Aladdin, and is likely based on the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl. Magma voiced by Tone Loc is a fire ifrit with the power to control the earth's temperature. Known as the Lord of Volcanoes, he is summoned by lighting the Candle of Magma. Frajhid voiced by Dan Castellanetta is an engaging and initially friendly ice ifrit possessing an ice palace.

His greed rivals that of Iago, though unlike Iago he is more willing to endanger and betray anyone to get what he wants. In his first appearance in "Never Say Nefir," Nefir manipulated Samir to dance on Getzistan when placed in magic dancing shoes.

Aladdin and Genie thwarted the plan and had Nefir and his imps dance in the same magic shoes. In "Mission: Imp Possible," Nefir manipulated Genie after poisoning Aladdin with Iago accompanying them into accessing a worm that spun golden silk. After the worm emerged from the cocoon as the imp-eating Mothias, Nefir fled while evading a three-headed winged lion. After Aladdin was found innocent of stealing Odiferous' Sacred Crock of Cheese, Nefir and his minions were apprehended and sentenced to rebuild Agrabah and refund everyone's money.

Nefir's Imps are a group of four unnamed idiotic imps that work for Nefir. One has the head of a crocodile, one has the head of a hippopotamus, and two of them have the head of a common warthog. They possess super-speed and can build things very fast. Samir voiced by Michael Gough is a giant pink rhinoceros that was once controlled by Nefir to attack Getzistan using magic dancing shoes. Khartoum voiced by Tony Jay is an evil wizard imprisoned within his own book. His only hope of release is a magical gem called the Philosopher's Stone which contains the power of the cosmos.

Dominus Tusk voiced by Jim Cummings is a giant minotaur who served as a frequent, albeit usually minor threat, and was often quickly disposed of by the heroes. He was killed offscreen by the Sultan in "Armored and Dangerous" and had his horns mounted as a trophy. Fashoom voiced by Frank Welker is a giant cyclops and Fasir's younger brother who has an eye of destruction. He used up all his three wishes and sold Genie to a sorcerer for eternal life but not eternal youth.

He appears in the episode "Genie Hunt" and his name is based on algebra. The Ethereal voiced by Kath Soucie is divine spirit strong and invisible that carries on herself mask and gown, second in power only to Chaos. She comes to Agrabah to judge if Agrabah will be saved or will be destroyed.

She appears in the episode "The Ethereal". Queen Hippsodeth voiced by Kate Mulgrew in the first appearance, Jennifer Darling in later appearances is the ruler of the Isle of Galifem, home of the Galifem warriors. After being defeated by the Sultan in battle, she fell in love with him.

Scara voiced by Susan Tolsky is an overweight "right-hand woman" of Queen Hippsodeth and one of the Galifem warriors, a goofy, comic relief character. Merc voiced by Dorian Harewood is the captain of a flying ship who appeared in two episodes: "Raiders of the Lost Shark" and "Beast or Famine". The Beast is the gigantic, carnivorous shark -like creature that "swims" the sand dunes of the Seven Deserts, and is pursued by Merc in both "Raiders of the Lost Shark" and "Beast or Famine".

The "beast's" ventral skin is encrusted with precious gemstones from its rest during its winter hibernation, making it a potentially valuable catch. The Rat People appear in the episode "Beast or Famine". They are demanded by the shaman to capture Genie so he can have his powers. They later have Merc as their leader.

He had them capture the Genie and kill the beast. Prince Uncouthma voiced by Tino Insana is the ruler of the barbarian land of Odiferous. While the city of Agrabah has an Arab theme, the people of Odiferous are based on the European Germanic peoples.

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