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urankar investing

Pruthviraj M Urankar, V. Prabhu; Published ; Computer Science It is critical that a group of investors concerned with the success of the Internet. Yes, a tax consultant can give you investment advice. However, we recommend you to talk to V L Urankar for more information about the same. 5. What are some of. URANKAR, TRACEY A. SW 4TH ST. BOCA RATON, FL. Annual Reports. Report Year, Filed Date. MICROSOFT CORPORATION INVESTING BUSINESSWEEK FLUOR

It would take an act of Congress to extend the deadline again. Congress had already extended the deadline by a year due to the pandemic. The Federal Highway Administration expects all the funding for the three-mile portion to be committed and lined up by June 30, Urankar added. He's scheduled to meet with federal highway officials June 6 for a project update. The problem is with less than a month before the June 30 deadline, most of the money required to fund the three-mile extension has not been lined up.

Lining up financial commitments has been difficult TRAC member Chris Kershner, of southwest Ohio, said he would like to see more funding commitments by other governmental entities and private partners before he would support more TRAC funding for U. My pushback is i think we need some additional time and to see how things play out," he said. But Schuring said he had positive meetings with two other businesses with a presence in Stark County. He also said he is set to meet with an Amazon executive on June 15 to discuss the company contributing toward the project.

Amazon is working to establish a warehouse and shipping facility on the former Skyland Pines golf course in northeast Canton. In addition, consultants based in Washington, D. Schuring later said he would not identify the companies and investors until they signed a letter of intent.

Urankar told TRAC that the investors aren't interested in investing unless the expressway is extended all the way to Route Goldman School of Dental Medicine , is an oral health advocate for older adults living in long-term care; a growing population with glaring deficiencies in care access. As the pandemic restricted several critical services at long-term care facilities, Dr. Rawal helped implement teledentistry and on-call emergency oral health care protocols for the provision of essential dental services to at-risk patients.

She also co-authored a chapter in Dental Clinics of North America, highlighting the growing oral health needs of older adults. Rawal is dedicated to educating the next generation of dentists in geriatric care. Yashashri Urankar, DDS, and chief dental officer at Community Health Centers of South-Central Texas , partnered with local emergency departments and urgent care centers throughout the pandemic to continue oral health care for the 20, patients the centers serve across the most vulnerable communities of south-central Texas.

Urankar advocated for the authorization of teledentistry during this time and supported Texas HB , which Governor Abbot signed into law in June. Debbie Oswalt and the Virginia Health Care Foundation VHCF have helped uninsured Virginians and those in hard-to-reach communities receive medical, dental and mental health care for nearly 30 years. Oswalt is directing her award donation to the Virginia Health Care Foundation. Karen Fields-Lever, DDS, is the president and owner of 28 to Brush which offers preventive oral health services to the Chicagoland area and more than 16, Chicago public school students.

These students have diverse racial, ethnic backgrounds and typically reside in under-resourced communities. Through her work in the schools, Dr. During the pandemic, Dr. Fields-Lever continued treating patients through teledentistry and emergency visits. As one of the few Black female dentists in the Chicagoland area, Dr. Fields-Lever is a STEM champion for young students and a mentor to aspiring women pursuing careers in oral health care. Due to the lack of dentists who specialize in this field, oral health care remains one of the most common unmet health needs for individuals with IDD.

Jourabchi provides the appropriate accommodations for his patients, including desensitization, to combat challenges with physical disabilities as well as sensitivity to sensory stimuli like speech, sound and light. The dental experience begins in the reception area where patients are introduced to a sensory room with tiles, fish tanks with bubbles and galaxy lights that match sensory stimuli preferences.

This personalized level of attention extends through the entire visit to ensure patients feel comfortable and safe. Patients who were once unable to complete a dental appointment without sedation are now capable of achieving each step of an appointment without incident.

Since , Dr. Jourabchi has treated more than 1, patients from across the U. Mangia selected Esperanza Community Housing Corporation as the recipient of his award donation. The St. Elizabeth Physicians Pharmacy and Operations team was on the frontlines of the pandemic, playing a major role in COVID vaccinations for educators in northern Kentucky.

The team vaccinated nearly 4, teachers and school staff within a three-week window, an effort led by Director of Value Based Performance Erica Neff and Director of Operations Jackie Houze. By effectively and efficiently vaccinating the teachers of this region, St.

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The second sensor includes a second rectilinear winding portion positioned facing a first rectilinear winding portion of the first current sensor. The second aperture is positioned facing the third aperture. A unit for measuring the electric current flowing in current lines of an electrical installation, and a method for manufacturing a current-measuring device.

In the open position, the breaker interrupts the circulation of a current in an electrical connection, which includes at least one electrical conductor and a mechanical output member movable between an operating position and a stop position associated with the interruption of the circulation of the current in the connection after opening of the breaker.

The auxiliary apparatus includes at least one current sensor to measure the current circulating in a respective conductor, and a mechanical coupler to couple with the mechanical output member. The mechanical coupler also detects the opening of the breaker. The auxiliary apparatus also includes a device for determining a cause of the detected opening, based on the intensity measured by the current sensor.

Each contactor includes at least one upstream and one downstream power terminal. An electric current circulates between the upstream and downstream power terminals when the contactors are closed. A first contactor is connected to the first phase and a second contactor is connected to the third phase. The voltage between the upstream and downstream power terminals of at least one electromechanical contactor is measured so that the electromechanical contactors can be controlled according to a control algorithm.

Type: Application Publication date: December 8, Inventors: Robin McKiernan, Bryn Hird, Edward Urankar, Janet Neton Absorbent articles comprising a slow recovery elastomer Publication number: Abstract: An absorbent article comprising at least one topsheet; a liquid impervious backsheet joined with the topsheet; an absorbent core interposed between the topsheet and backsheet; and a slow recovery elastomer. Type: Application Publication date: December 8, Inventors: Bryn Hird, Robin McKiernan, Edward Urankar, Janet Neton, Mattias Schmidt, Joerg Mueller Process for making surface treated absorbent gelling material Publication number: Abstract: This invention is directed to a process for making surface treated absorbent gelling material by treating partially swollen absorbent gelling polymers, which have a specific water content with a treatment agent, such as a coating agent, and subsequently removing at least part of the water.

The treatment agent thus typically forms a shell on the polymers or part thereof, which can extend when the polymers swell in water; thus, the treatment shell or coating does not rupture when the polymers swell in a liquid, e.

The treatment agent comprises preferably an elastomeric polymeric material. The invention also relates to surface-treated absorbent gelling material obtainable by the process of the invention, and to products, e. Type: Application Publication date: March 24, Inventors: Mattias Schmidt, Axel Meyer, Bruno Ehrnsperger, Stephen Goldman, Michael Divo, Edward Urankar Process for making water-swellable material comprising coated water-swellable polymers Publication number: Abstract: This invention is directed to a process for making solid, typically particulate, water-swellable material comprising coated water-swellable, preferably hydrogel-forming polymers, which are coated with a coating agent, which is such that it does not rupture when the polymers swell in a liquid, e.

Hereto, the coating agent is extensible in wet state and comprises thereto a wet-extensible material that has a tensile stress at break in the wet state of at least 1 MPa. Typically, the coating agent comprises thereto an elastomeric polymeric material.

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