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Vemma forex news

vemma forex news

If the Tribunal considers that Mekar owes compensation to Vemma, it should conclude () Appleton's Int'l Investment L. & Arb. News. “I first heard about Vemma from my friend Bas Bunge, a foreign exchange student from Norway. Vemma was more like a hobby for the first few. Most Popular News Stocks: 15 20 minute delay (Cboe BZX is real-time), ET. Volume reflects consolidated markets. Futures and Forex: 10 or MR MONEY MUSTACHE BETTERMENT INVESTING

He has the same number of posts — — as when TINA. The combined 33 pages contractually binds distributors to a multitude of provisions, including termination from the company at the discretion of iMarketsLive. Other items in the contracts that distributors should be aware of are: Advertising and Promotional Materials Only company-produced or approved materials can be used by affiliates.

Anything else is in violation of contract. Money-Back Guarantee IMarketsLive offers a seven-day, percent money back, satisfaction guarantee. Even so, a number of consumer complaints to the FTC cite problems getting a refund when trying to quit. One former subscriber states that they were charged for two months after trying to cancel their subscription. Company has the right to offset such amounts against future commissions and other compensation paid or owed to such Independent Affiliates who received commissions.

Waiving Litigation Rights Regardless of what type of dispute you may have with iMarketsLive or where you might live, distributors are stuck with binding arbitration in New York City. Moreover, the system proposed by International Markets Live exhibits features characteristic of a pyramid scheme.

The first is the federal sanctions placed on specific countries by the US Government. The second is we just do not do business in some countries where the risk for fraud is high. That the owner runs the company remotely from his hotel room in Las Vegas. However, one particular legal challenge is pretty juicy.

I made zero. Terry did not return a request for additional comment. The MLM world is full of people hawking everything from anti-aging potions and scented candles to diet shakes and leggings in a business structure that is often alleged to be a pyramid scheme.

Critics say that appears to be what iMarketsLive does too. In , Both numbers have fallen since Since then, however, a raft of much smaller MLM companies have proliferated. It may have been only a matter of time before the worlds of high finance and MLM connected like this.

After all, for years hedge funds, private equity firms, and moguls like Carl Icahn and Warren Buffett have been taking stakes in the bigger MLM companies, like Herbalife and Pampered Chef, a Berkshire Hathaway company whose products are pots and pans. Dooly even compares Terry to Buffett. So why not flip it around and let MLM participants try their hand at investing or trading? It appears only two other MLM companies are focusing on this market.

One of them, Wealth Generators, sued iMarketsLive in in a Utah federal court, alleging it had stolen confidential information and intellectual property. Wealth Generators also alleged that its rival bribed its leaders to join iMarketsLive. Another potential rival — Copy Profit Success Global, which plans to offer its own trading tools — was sued by iMarketsLive in June in a Nevada federal court.

Vemma forex news forex news analysis


While the Forex major currency pairs experience the most volatility surrounding an NFP release, any of the most liquid currency pairs will experience similarly wild price action. This is because global markets are so interconnected that when the US economy slows down, the rest of the world is often dragged down with it. Put in simple terms, CPI measures inflation. This is one of the highest impact news releases because as we said above, the main mandate for central bank policy is to control inflation.

The basket contains a fixed set of products and services based on average consumer habits that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has collected. The highest impact CPI news release comes out monthly, but due to its importance, the data is also compiled into quarterly and yearly readings. As central banks such as the Fed use the CPI number to track inflation, there is a direct relationship between CPI and interest rate policy. As GDP is released at wide intervals, the bureau also releases preliminary figures at the end of each month.

While a central bank such as the Federal Reserve would never make a final interest rate decision on GDP alone, it does still serve as evidence used to base decisions around. The same can be said for a GDP number in decline, signaling an economic slow-down that could require rates to be cut. Unplanned Forex News Sometimes the unpredictable nature of the society we live in means things happen, things that move markets. This section encompasses all other high impact Forex news releases that you may or may not find on your economic calendar.

Important Examples: Political speeches, central banker speeches, terrorist attacks How often: Sporadic An example may be the US president stepping up to the microphone at a campaign rally for an off-the-cuff announcement of an economic stimulus package.

Stop making stuff up mate. You are clearly choosing the words to put in peoples mouths here with promises and such. We make it explicitly clear nothing is assured. There can be wins and losses. Ozedit: Offtopic derail attempt removed If we begin to talk about the real business model and the post is made accurate I can then address your other points. If you are just going to continue with Screw your facts, I have an opinion then I will discontinue this conversation.

More than enough evidence has been provided to make an accurate assessment and do due diligence. Aiming for gains on average per month Aiming for 15 gains on average per month Those are totally monthly ROI predictions, cut the crap. Bloody hell, its not hard to get your head around Like I said, neither you nor 5 Star Signals can guarantee third-party brokers are not running a Ponzi scheme backend while they post a trade log on yet another third-party website.

You might be comfortable swallowing what is claimed, but thats a weak position to take on due-diligence. Remember, this is all unregulated by design. You insist this is not possible, which I assert is an extremely naive position to take. I dont pull the Ponzi trigger unless Im sure of it. It was simply raised here as a possibility.

Which I maintain is perfect reasonable, given the level of third-party reliance 5 Star Signals have and that neither 5 Star Signals nor the third-party brokers involved appear to be registered with the SEC. Oz : Like I said, neither you nor 5 Star Signals can guarantee third-party brokers are not running a Ponzi scheme backend while they post a trade log on yet another third-party website. Please provide one shred of proof for your theory. I presented Myfxbook verified via investor login password and real results.

What have you got Proof Oz, not stabs in the dark opinions. Otherwise you are just here spouting about something you are showing everyone know understands what we are doing you have no idea what you are talking about. Ozedit: Offtopic forex waffle removed I presented Myfxbook verified via investor login password and real results.

Like I said, posting a trade log on yet another third-party website doesnt really have anything to do with running a Ponzi backend. And with none of this regulated, dismissing the potential for Ponzi fraud is irresponsible. You might be comfortable with that, Im not and the potential for fraud needs to be pointed out.

Especially when youre talking about automated pooled trading accounts and when none of this is regulated Why is it I can accept your point of view but youre having such trouble with the reverse Without registration with the SEC, soliciting investments on advertised monthly ROI predictions is a huge compliance red flag in MLM. I could not and do not give a stuff about what it means in the world of shady unregistered forex brokers.

And on that note, your first reaction to this MLM review was to run off to a forex site and solicit opinion from forex investors. Run the solicitation of investment on the promise of up to 15 monthly ROIs, lack of regulatory registration and chain-recruitment issues past an MLM attorney Didnt think so.

And Ive even reduce that to running it by someone familiar with the MLM industry but, well here we are. And by MLM attorney I dont mean some random law firm in the Netherlands nobody has ever heard of We can deal with this once the post has been corrected to be accurate.

I did already reference that one of the brokers we use is used to manage Superannuation funds ASIC approved for pension funds You didnt say that in post 6. We are just about to launch a new brokerage partnership with a broker that has been cleared from the management of Superannuation funds by ASIC So my question was relevant enough. Are the current broker-dealers registered with or licensed by relevant authorities, e. Im only trying to clarify something here.

You didnt say that in post 6. We are just about to launch a new brokerage partnership normally means that it hasnt been launched yet. So my question was relevant enough. Unfortunately Oz is stubbornly sticking to what amounts to a wild conspiracy theory that would involve at 5SS and at least 3 other brokers colluding to present fake results and also duping Myfxbook into presenting these fake results.

Until this is cleared up it does not warrant moving onto the next points. One point of clarification though, my comment referring to ASIC in the near future did not mean we use unregulated brokers now. Ozedit: Offtopic derail attempt removed On that new broker we will be launching another trader that makes this one we have now look average. I will be sure to post the verifiable results going forward when we launch it as we always do.

Numbers on a screen dont have to correlate to purported trades. Ditto the actual flow of money on the backend. Thats a risk you take when you dump funds into unregistered and unregulated blackhole brokers. Failing to acknowledge that is irresponsible due-diligence.

And we have asked about those brokers. You can probably tell us which countries those brokers are licensed in We have asked specifically about broker-dealer license from SEC, FINRA or any other relevant authority. Both federal agencies as well as a number of states have do not call regulations as part of their telemarketing laws. Many countries have these regulations as well. Can you tell me the names of the brokers we use that you have determined are unregistered and unregulated blackhole brokers.

If they were, youd have provided the relevant information 88 comments ago. Ozedit: Unless youre going to provide information pertaining to the brokers 5 Star Signals uses being registered with the SEC, stop posting spammy comments.

We have 3 brokers, all from different parts of the world, all under different regulations and all displaying the exact same results. Care to explain how this would be remotely possible under your theory of Ponzi play We have 3 brokers, all from different parts of the world, all under different regulations and all displaying the exact same results.

Which regulations Which regulatory agencies are these brokers registered with None of them appear to be registered with the SEC, or youd have readily provided the information. Care to explain how this would be remotely possible under your theory of Ponzi play Not until you transition from vague marketing statements to actual regulatory registration details, see above. Ozedit: Right. Anything further from you that does not disclose the requested regulatory registration details will be marked as spam.

Craig is wasting my time dancing around the fact that neither 5 Star Signals or their brokers are registered with the SEC or any other securities regulator for that matter. This is an issue because both 5 Star Signals and the brokers they use are offering securities to 5 Star Signals affiliates.

It also opens the door for fraud Ponzi or otherwise , because shady brokers operating in unregulated environments is a recipe for disaster. Failure to acknowledge that is failure in adequate due-diligence, which within the context of todays MLM business opportunity landscape, is not an option. Especially when this particular opportunity is advertising monthly ROIs of up to 15 on its website. Pending regulatory registration details from Craig or 5 Star Signals , thats that.

Craig : We have 3 brokers, all from different parts of the world, all under different regulations and all displaying the exact same results. Just forget it. You dont seem to be able to answer it anyway. Mariska can probably try to answer it. Both of you claim the brokers are licensed, but both of you have been very vague about details. From Mariskas post 61 Every day the broker is sending the member an overview of all transactions on their account, wins and losses, all transparent.

Craig : Care to explain how this would be remotely possible under your theory of Ponzi play Im not sure what youre talking about there I havent had time to focus on any theories yet. To clarify something here, Im looking into this 5 Star Signals topic for the first time, so I have mostly asked questions.

But I have also added some sources to look at. I am into forex for about 6 years now. Forex is a difficult market to earn money unless you have the education to do this in a proper way. I am making money in forex and I can live from that money but to earn my money it takes a lot of my time. I was always looking for a way to make it easier for me and stumbled upon Pamm accounts.

Myfxbook is a fully respected and independent, company where people who manage forex accounts can attach their accounts to and then show the real results to the world. This is what 5StarSIgnals did and to be honest, I am really impressed. I allready know who the brokers are that they are dealing with as that is not such a big secret when you do a little investigation and must say that those brokers are topnotch, so I dont really see what your problem is with 5StarSignals.

They offer people the possibility to join for only 7 a month a normal bankaccount costs more a month and people can get access to all their strategies. If people want to built a business and get access to the pamms they can look for other interested people. People that want to learn more about how to trade for themselves can join a higher level silver or gold. As a forex trader for 6 years I dont understand the fuzz you are making about this company, in my opinion it is fully legal and thanks to this complete story I am going to start with an account with them With all due respect, dumping funds in 5 Star Signals on the expectation of advertised monthly ROI projections is not education Nor is it a strategy Its a securities offering that should be regulated by appropriate securities regulators, namely the SEC in the US.

I allready know who the brokers are that they are dealing with Are any of them registered with the SEC or at the very least a securities regulator in any jurisdiction I dont really see what your problem is with 5StarSignals. Youre making money and youre here to defend that. People with vested financial interests typically make the worst reviewers. Best of luck.

We provide information and what you do with it is up to you. Nothing more, nothing less. Oz: Myfxbook is not a securities regulator and are thus irrelevant. Myfxbook is independant and is highly respected in the forex world, ghis is more relevant than people sitting behind a desk thinking they know what they are talking about Oz: Are any of them registered with the SEC or at the very least a securities regulator in any jurisdiction Yes they are, SEC is not relevant, thats only US.

Again you are a bad reader. I dont have an account with 5StarSignals yet, but am impressed by their results, so I am going to open an account with them Untill now I was making money myself but that takes a lot of time, for only 7 a month this is heaven for all traders Oz: Best of luck. Nothing more, nothing less not a securities regulator and are therefore irrelevant. Who is registered with who then Why is obtaining this information from 5 Star Signals and their affiliates akin to drawing blood from a stone SEC is not relevant, thats only US.

But they have regulations like SEC from many countries 1. What regulators Which countries I dont have an account with 5StarSignals yet, but am impressed by their results, so I am going to open an account with them And in doing so demonstrate a lack of regard for proper regulatory registrations. Like I said, you make money this way and are defending it. Thats fine, but lets not pretend youre being objective about it.

Youre here to defend making money in unregistered securities. The FSA enforces strict business practices equal to or exceeding requirements of financial services regulators in other countries. Statements of this nature are a misrepresentation of the Authoritys supervisory powers with respect to IBCs.

The Authority does not approve or sanction the business activities of IBCs upon their incorporation. The Authority also does not license the activity of FOREX Trading or Brokerage and any IBC purporting to be licensed by the Authority to conduct this business activity is making a false statement no wonder craig and mariska are taking everyone for a wild ride around and round the mulberry bush.

SteveT : I see this conversation has rumbled on and on creating tons of fresh content for your website. Most of my posts were necessary research Its the first time Im looking into a forex based MLM. I tried first to get some answers from Craig about broker-dealer licenses countries , but I only got vague answers.

In the U. It doesnt really matter that 5SS have some customers, since the product forex cant legally be sold in the U. I havent come to any conclusion about Ponzi scheme. They do exist in forex trading, but they are not the most common solution if organizers want to make a profit theres many other methods available there. Some of the videos targeted specific groups of people, e. Thats relatively predatory marketing Theres simply too many red flags here. Im not very eager to reflect some forex world ideas, e.

Im pretty sure theres many bad forex programs out there, but it doesnt make this one any better. The website seems to be promotional, but it does offer some relevant information about how investors can be tricked. Activity: Section So it doesnt really mean anything. It doesnt even meet the requirements in the Conditions. The individual came to us to raise concerns that 5SS had been implied to be a Ponzi scam. The 5SS team is very used to dealing with such misconceptions and upon hearing about the post, Craig, who oversees the trading department of 5SS went over to clear things up.

That article wasnt written by van de Langenberg: We are very proud of our CEO not despite of her previous endeavors but because of them. Its Craig Walters who I spam-binned him here because he couldnt provide details about 5 Star Signals regulatory registrations. Nor that of the third-party brokers they use. After a hundred or so comments of him dodging the issue and providing strawman arguments about some forex website, enough was enough.

From the points raised in the article: Mariska van de Langenberg joined various scams. These werent legit businesses that somehow turned scam, they were outright fraudulent businesses from the beginning and van de Langenberg was attracted to them as an MLM marketer. Leaving after shed made money and they were in decline isnt commendable. The least van de Langenberg can do is own her past, instead of trying to justify it as it could have happened to anyone With a mixture of it being hard to explain and also not wanting to disclose too much we will not give any details about what goes on in the gold forum Right nothing scammy going on there.

And what a pitch for retail customers Its obvious only passive investor affiliates are going to cough up a month to participate in what is obviously not compliant activity 5 Star Signals are pushing in their Gold forum. Thus the majority of funds entering 5 Star Signals are affiliate-sourced, making it a pyramid scheme that pays on affiliate recruitment. The rest of it is Craig Walters strawman arguments I marked as spam here. And rightly so, seeing as they dont address the lack of regulatory registration important because securities are offered to affiliates and recruitment-centric compensation plan.

The red flags here are too numerous and its basically begging for a regulatory shutdown. You can go on and on and start repeating it while you can easily make a call, talk about it, get some more behind the screen information and hopefully get some real facts on table. Stop making all kinds of accusations while blocking the people defending their business.

There is no reason to take the discussion offsite. Its que simple. And skirting the securities registration issue with nonsense about third-party forex websites isnt defending a business, its wasting mine and my readers time. Either cough up the SEC registration documents or stop posting spam. Thats pretty simple too. Who is Craig Walters, anyway I see no evidence of him existing on the internet aside from Facebook and a pinch of forex forums, and his trading background is sketchy at best.

No pictures of himself, no proof that hes even real. I think this guy might be cat fishing us, and maybe the company itself. Just like the mysterious Marie Shaw probably was before she passed after losing a substantial amount of money in the PAMM accounts she was managing herself and deleting any trace of herself from the internet that she could. I want to see a background check on this supposed forex expert next and maybe even a real name for a change.

Walters is some guy in Europe whos new to the MLM industry and believes hes above regulatory compliance. Thats pretty much the impression Im getting. Seems to me hes new to forex as well. It also might be worth looking into what kind of money the company is making off being a middle man between actual traders. Theres no way this is legal. Hes the voice in some of the videos post It is important to understand anything you do off of the 5starsignals or 5ssforex are not business transactions with 5SS.

We sell memberships, we teach trading, we link with the best FX traders. Regulations are on financial advice and accepting investment. We could, we dont. This is very important since it is the difference between us making money if we mislead people or not. If we done this, any investments, wed be paid on. Since we do not, we do not make any decent money until we have made you money. A person clearly meets the third element of the statutory test if he provides advice to others about specific securities, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, limited partnerships, and commodity pools.

The more difficult questions arise with less specific advice, or advice that is only indirectly about securities. The SEC staff has stated in this regard: i advice about market trends is advice about securities ii advice about the selection and retention of other advisers is advice about securities iii advice about the advantages of investing in securities versus other types of investments e.

SEC: Section a 11 of the Act defines an investment adviser as any person or firm that: 1 for compensation 2 is engaged in the business of 3 providing advice to others or issuing reports or analyses regarding securities. Generally, the receipt of any economic benefit, whether in the form of an advisory fee, some other fee relating to the total services rendered, a commission, or some combination, satisfies this element.

The person receiving the advice or another person may pay the compensation. Rather than concede a lack of regulatory registration, he kept publishing offtopic information about third-party forex websites. This I marked as spam, along with any other derail attempt comments he left. I dont recall removing anything from Langenberg.

She published the one comment and did a runner. Andreas : why cannot mariska langenberg and craig walters provide clarifications right here Yeah right If you block them the case is closed I guess, end of discussion for them. All they had to do is answer one simple question and provide proof. Therefore, it is with great regret to inform you that HotForex will no longer be offering its services to new or existing U.

Please note that the deadline may change if it is necessitated by our regulators, the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius. There has been a lot of adverse comments here about 5 Star Signals, so to set the record straight I shall share some of my results. Ive not recruited or sponsored anyone, so I dont get an income from there. However the trades that have been placed have overall made a profit for my account 1.

Thats far better than many UK banks offer savers for a year, and so Im quite happy with the service Im getting. Yes some trades lose while others win. Thats the nature of forex. The trick is ensuring your winnings are greater than the losses. Regards to comments about the brokers used being registered, Im based in the UK so the SEC isnt relevant to me.

If you want to attack something that is an all-out scam, then go for the binary option robot sellers. They give people a free robot tool that has to link in with their chosen unregulated broker. The binary options they chose are a toss of a coin, and the robots have no risk management functions by and large. Its only a matter of time before your trading account has been drained, yet the people offering the scheme have been paid a commission by the broker.

Im sufficiently clued up with trading to see thats not happening at 5SS For a matter of balance I shall post my results here week in, week out and let the readers judge for themselves whether this is a scam or not. However the trades that have been placed have overall made a profit for my account You dumped funds in 5SS or through them, on the expectation of a passive ROI.

Craig and Mariska havent gone silent. Theyre just not wasting their time on a bunch of losers. Both were otherwise posting multiple times a week before the 5 Star Signals fraud was made public. Id be pretty ashamed too if Id launched an MLM company built on lies. He even posts his real name and thus identifies himself for all to see.

The truth will set you free.

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