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Uk mma betting sites

uk mma betting sites

bet – They're a bookmaking giant for a reason, as they have one of the best betting sites around, and you'll find their UFC section with relative ease. UFC Betting Site #9 – Karamba. Best MMA Betting Sites | Bet On MMA Fights | Best UK MMA Betting Bonuses | Free Bets MMA/UFC ; Grosvenor Sports Accepts: United Kingdom Players; Bet on MMA &. CRYPTO SHORT TRADING

Round betting in play is more popular but of course as the fight progresses the odds will decrease. The round betting market is also where you can bet on the fight being awarded by decision or technical decision in boxing or by points in UFC. Here you can also wager on a draw or technical draw. Grouped Round Betting Round group betting is a variation on round betting but instead of betting on the exact round a fighter will win in you instead predict the result within a range of rounds.

For example, rounds , , and Bookie margins for this bet type will not be as good for the punter compared with the outright result so it is only really worth placing these bets if you again have a strong opinion on when the fight will finish.

Round by Round In Play The best way to place multiple bets on the same flight is to bet round by round during the fight in play. This is only really worth doing if you are watching the fight live so that you can make informed wagers. Betfair are a good bookie for this type of wager, they boost prices live in play and have tons of in play specials for Sky and Box Nation fights.

The bet is fairly self-explanatory, you need to predict how the fight will ultimately end. Here you can wager on just one fight outcome such as knockout, technical knockout, draw, technical draw, disqualification, submission, fight stopped by referee, etc.

Alternatively, there are groups bets available where you can predict the fight to end in a range of ways, e. Again don't expect amazing prices for these bets, you will also only find this king of market depth with the bigger bookies or our recommended betting sites. It is however quite common to see promotions for this market so be on the lookout and keep an eye on our latest boxing offers if you like to bet this way. Fight to go the Distance This is a simple yes or no wager however it can be a good option in fights where there are strong favourites.

Unless you have a lot of cash to stake then it's not worth betting on him at that price. If, however you think his opponent is good enough to take the fight the whole distance this can be a better option to give bigger returns. Again this market occasionally attracts a promotion or two. Possible Fights Many bookies are now offering prices on possible future bouts or match ups but are these worth betting on?

In many ways no because it means locking down your stake for potentially a long time and the fight might not even go ahead. There are times however where this market will give you a much better price than if you were to wait. If you think for example your fighter is going to improve hugely over the next few months then this is a fantastic way to lock in some good odds.

Outright Champion Another common wager is to predict the next fighter to win their division, championship or belt. This is a great market again if you think you're spotted the next heavyweight champion before everyone else. Prices vary wildly for this type of bet so it really is worth shopping around. Many online bookmakers will not display prices for this so you may need to get in touch with them for odds. Accumulators Multiple bets are becoming more common especially for UFC events where there are several fights in a session.

Accumulators and accumulator offers are becoming more and more common so it is worth shopping around if you are considering a combination bet. The nature of a fighting sports means it all comes down to the fighter on the day with very few other variables.

Unlike other sports the equipment and venue has minimal impact on the final results. The best way to bet in play is to watch the fight and try to spot changes in the fighter's attitude and ability and get your bet on before the bookies odds change. This is one reason why round by round and points betting is so popular in play. Pretty much all bookies will offer some in live markets, even if it is just the final result.

Many of our recommended betting sites provider more expansive markets and so if you are a regular in play bettor on fighting sports you will be better off in the long run with someone like Ladbrokes. Big boxing and UFC bouts generate such big amounts of cash through the selling of TV rights that there is not much in the way of streaming of top level flights by online bookmakers.

Many of our top sites provide in play graphics and some have audio commentaries but to get the best out of in play betting you should watch the fight live on TV. News, Results and Statistics The best place to get news and statistics is from our top boxing bookies. Generally the bigger bookmakers have the best features, of particular note is William Hill's statistics and news sections for advance previews and information.

History of Boxing Fist fighting is as old as human history, let's be honest we were hitting each other way before we could talk to each other. Fighting as a sport however is documented as far back as the 3rd century BC where depictions from the Sumerians, and later the Assyrians and Babylonians, show men fighting with fists covered in cloth or other materials. The Greeks were the first to organise the sport, making it part of the original Olympic games in the 6th century BC.

They believed that their Gods practiced fist fighting as a game and so it became part of ancient Greek culture. Contestants often bound their fists in leather to prevent serious injury and it is likely the sport was used just as much as a means to prepare for battle as to satisfy the gods. Of course, like most things to do with fighting, the Romans took this a step further.

They developed a battle glove known as a cestus, pitted with studs to cause maximum damage. Fighters, usually slaves, would compete in fights to the death in amphitheatres for the amusement of the emperor and the Roman people. I'm not so sure you could call this much of a sport for the contestants however. Boxing died away somewhat in recorded history between the end of the Roman empire and the 17th century. This is generally down to later cultures abolishing fights to the death as entertainment combined with the popularity of newer forms of combat during the middle ages medieval and periods such as jousting and sword fighting.

Bare-knuckle prizefighting emerged in the late 's in Britain with the first recorded champion James Figg taking the title in and reigning until Figg is often referred to as the father of modern boxing and was also known as a sword fighter and fencer. It was also now that the word boxing was also first used to describe fist fighting. Written rules first emerged in from champion Jack Broughton the Broughton rules to protect fighters form serious injury.

These rules introduced the count when a fighter is downed and prevented hitting while on the ground, the rules also stipulated no hitting below the waist. Unlike modern rules however there was no time limits on rounds, with rounds continuing until a fighter was downed. Queensbury Rules The famous Marquess of Queensbury rules were composed in for amateur championship bouts held at Lille Bridge in London. Written by John Chambers there were 12 rules in all that stipulated: Boxing should be a stand-up fight in a 24 square foot ring.

Hugging or any form of wrestling is not allowed. Rounds should last three minutes with a one minute rest in between. If a fighter is downed they must get up, unassisted, within 10 seconds. At this time the other fighter must return to their corner.

Any fighter holding the ropes with toes off the ground is considered down. No one else other than the two fighters and referee are to be permitted into the ring during the fight. If the fight is interrupted a continuance must be agreed or alternatively a draw announced. Good quality and fair sized gloves to be used. If a glove comes off or is damaged it must be replaced to the satisfaction of the referee. A man on one knee is considered down and must not be hit. The introduction of 'fair sized' gloves under the Queensbury rules meant fights began to last longer and became more tactical with greater weight given to defensive blocks and manoeuvres.

The old stance of leaning back with arms outstretched, common in bare knuckle boxing, was also replaced by a more modern stance with the body tilted forward and arms closer to the chest. Modern Boxing Puritan Victorian values in both Britain and the US did not lend themselves well to the sport of bare-knuckle boxing. The court case of R vs Coney in , which found bare-knuckle fighting was effectively ABH, despite fighters consent, ended legal public bare-knuckle fights in Britain.

You can also access the Frequently Asked Questions, which are packed with information relating to a number of queries. When you are betting on UFC, you might have a question regarding your account, and we have found this bookmaker to always be polite and helpful. Range of Markets In addition to MMA betting, many customers are looking for an opportunity to bet on a wide range of different sports.

You can also expect the leading bookies to provide markets on football betting , tennis betting and NFL betting. Head to the bookmaker site and look through the A-Z sports menu to discover which sports and events are currently covered. Speed of Deposits and Withdrawals When choosing a UFC betting site, it's important that you can make fast deposits into your account and even faster withdrawals.

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uk mma betting sites


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