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Etheric shards pfsrd

etheric shards pfsrd

When used this way, your destructive blasts extend into the Ethereal Plane to You craft your destructive blast into a series of jagged crystal shards. PFSRD:Spells Chill Metal · Chill Touch · Chord Of Shards · Circle Of Clarity · Circle Of Death · Clairaudience/Clairvoyance · Clashing Rocks · Cleanse. Etheric Shards, PFS Standard, Dark Archive · Arcane, Occult Conjuration, False, False, 5, Hide a container on the Ethereal Plane. KINH DOANH TIEN TE FOREX

Shout for other classes is a pretty bad spell. But the Psychic doesn't have good damage options that affect things immune to mind-affecting, so Shout has two benefits for a Psychic: it lets it do that, and it avoids its weakness when under an emotion effect. Same for Resonating Word. I probably should have put an asterisk on Mindwipe, that's a pretty strong spell and definitely a better choice than Shout if you don't mind the mind-affecting weakness.

True Strike I almost didn't give an asterisk, but it was the only non-mind affecting 1st level spell that clearly has offensive combat utility and is V only. Synaptic Pulse got one because it's literally the only quasi-useful offensive spell at level 3.

That's why Mental Barrier is also only called out at that level. OA As id insinuation I, but affects two creatures and has a stronger confusion effect. OA As mind thrust II, but deal a maximum of 10d8 points of damage. OA Create a portal allowing entry to and exit from a mindscape. OA Place a trap on an object to mentally damage a creature that touches it.

OA Project your soul into an object, animating it. OA Purge Spirit Deal 1d6 points of damage per level to one haunt or spirit creature and stagger it. OA Stun creatures in a ft. OA Creature moves at half speed, takes penalties, and has trouble casting spells.

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School evocation [force]; Level occultist 4, psychic 5, spiritualist 4 Casting Time 1 standard action Components S, M broken glass Range medium ft. Movement through an area of etheric shards is halved, even for incorporeal creatures, and creatures entering a 5-foot cube filled with etheric shards take 1d8 points of piercing and slashing damage and must succeed at a Reflex save or take 1 point of bleed damage.

This bleed damage stacks with itself and other sources of bleed damage. A creature standing within an area of etheric shards takes no damage as long as it remains completely motionless, but even the minor movements involved in attacking or defending in combat force a stationary creature to attempt a Reflex save. If a stationary creature succeeds at this save, it avoids damage completely for that round, but if it fails, it takes hit point damage and bleed damage as though it had moved through the square.

Has it left any squares that you threaten? If it did leave a square that you threaten, it must have entered a new square, right? Feb 23, , pm I have a question that came up as I was using Etheric shards on some evil outsiders, does DR 10 just render this spell useless?

Feb 23, , pm Pinkius wrote: I have a question that came up as I was using Etheric shards on some evil outsiders, does DR 10 just render this spell useless? Feb 24, , am It's damage for every 5ft, the spell says when they enter a square they take damage. It's the creatures choice to keep moving through those squares and taking more damage. Size is irrelevant to damage, a colossal creature would take the same damage as a tiny simply triggering every time one of the squares comes in contact with etheric shards.

The same way they would take the same level of damage for fireball. Pinkius wrote: I have a question that came up as I was using Etheric shards on some evil outsiders, does DR 10 just render this spell useless? DR does nothing, etheric shards is force damage which ignores DR and has no spell resistance.

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