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Adjiedj bakas megatrends investing

adjiedj bakas megatrends investing

Back to Megatrends Europe. I did not know of “trendwatcher” Adjiedj Bakas before stumbling across his book in a Parisian bookstore. 'The Fidelity Generation Y study', Fidelity Investments, Megatrends beyond the crisis', Adjiedj Bakas and Roger Peverelli, Adjiedj Bakas speaks of the possibility of the emergence of a new religion and adds Bakas, A. () World Megatrends: Towards the Renewal of Humanity. CAN YOU TRANSFER BTC TO ANOTHER EXCHANGE

Titles to watch out for next year, according to Boulter, are the three RHS books--The Garden Finder, The Good Parks Guide and Wildlife Gardening for Everyone, and a "really wonderful, quirky book" called Animal Tragic, which explores and explodes popular animal misconceptions over the centuries. The aim of Think Books is to drive sales by striving for quality at every stage of the publishing process.

Boulter says: "There is a need in this country to have an imprint that is also a brand. Quite simply, we want to be the most exciting publisher on the block. With an initial books list of six books a year, the purpose of Bitter Lemon Press is to publish books that "expose the darker side of countries you are likely to visit".

His first novel, Havana Red, is Bitter Lemon's bestseller to date; the next title in his series of four Havana books, Havana Black, will be published in April Bitter Lemon's one rule is that any book published in its name must have been read and enthusiastically endorsed by all three partners. Following this guide, the press hopes to build a following for its authors and grow the size of its books list to 10 books a year, with a possible branching out into literary fiction over time.

Arris Publishing According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an arris is "the sharp edge formed by the angular contact of two planes or curved surfaces". For Michel Moushabeck and Geoffrey Smith, co-founders of Arris Publishing, the tangential contact of two objects represents their aim of bringing different worlds closer to each other--their travel books cross over into art history, while their history titles aim to open people's eyes to political events on the world stage.

Arris Publishing has two imprints: Arris Books, which launched in late , and Chastleton Travel, established in January this year. Arris Books specialises in politics, current affairs and history, while Chastleton offers "travel books with an edge". Smith explains: "Obviously you can't compete with Rough Guides and Lonely Planet for doing straight travel guides, so we are trying to do travel with an angle. At the moment we are doing a series called the Travellers' Wildlife Guides and a series about the best paintings in certain cities, starting with The Best Paintings in London, which was published in September.

Smith does not believe in mission statements, but concedes that Arris Books' leading title, The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin, with life sales of around 20, copies, has "a certain political stance, taking a realistic, some would say sceptical, view about what is happening in the Middle East and the US".

The Friday Project The Friday Project, named in the spirt of the founders' joint satirical email comment sheet, The Friday Thing, is a new breed of publishing house specialising in turning "the internet's finest brands into the world's finest books". Next year the company plans to publish 25 to 30 titles, with 50 books the year after that.

Christian says: "We are just going out for a second stage of investment, the idea being that we can begin to grow the business much more rapidly. The web world moves about a million times more quickly than the traditional publishing world, so it is really important that we are in a position to exploit those opportunities.

The company has also formed a partnership with Macmillan, which provides sales representation and distribution services. Portobello Books Ltd Portobello was founded in London at the start of this year, at a time when "the dynamics of conglomerate publishing in the English-speaking world mean that fewer and fewer literary works of significance are being published with respect for the author as creator and for the book as durable transmitter of the written word", according to managing director and publisher Philip Gwyn Jones.

Jones, who in his previous incarnation as publisher at the now defunct Flamingo list at HarperCollins was responsible for publishing Arundhati Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Douglas Coupland and Naomi Klein among others, argues that there is a genuine thirst for stories from other cultures.

Portobello, which will publish up to 20 titles a year, is financed by Eric Abraham, founder of film production company Portobello Pictures, and his wife Sigrid Rausing, an anthropologist and philanthropist. Sales and distribution are being handled by Atlantic Books in conjunction with Faber. Cyan Books Cyan Publishing has been around as a corporate communications company since , only moving into book publishing in May , when it launched Cyan Books with an initial list of four titles.

The only certainty is the inevitability of booms and busts—from tulipmania in The Netherlands in the 17th century to the present sub-prime crisis, human behaviour has not changed. It has now been universally accepted that many factors contributed to the crisis. One of these was the belief in self-governance. In The Future of Finance, renowned futurologist, Adjiedj Bakas, and international marketing expert, Roger Peverelli, analyse how the global economy got into such a hellhole, whether there was a pattern, and what one can learn.

This analysis of what has happened in the recent past may help us know what the future will look like— for banks, insurance companies and pension funds. In the foreword itself the authors talk of a singular risk—the incentive structure.

This is not difficult to understand in the Indian context. A life insurance company is run for the benefit of its shareholders. However, the incentive structure to sell the products often creates a conflict between what is good for the shareholder and for the employee. Sovereign wealth funds will become large shareholders of western banks. Demographic Changes: Greater Product Differentiation The production of too many goods to satisfy individual demands will make it difficult to analyse the prospects of a company.

A Connected Society: New Market Place Dynamics An investor will have to learn how to react to micro changes and stock markets across the world, not just those in his country. Revival Of Ethics: Emphasis On Health And Happiness Corporate social responsibility will be the buzzword as we will redefine how wealth is to be created and how it is to be used correctly. The employees, read hedge fund managers, traders in investment banks, portfolio managers and the like are compensated by a percentage of the profits, whereas the losses are borne only by the shareholders!

Is it any wonder that the employees found it easy to take huge risks in the sub-prime housing loans? The other risk in compensation comes from the timing of the bonus. In case of a bank lending to a company, it is possible that the incentive is linked to the recovery.

The authors also provide detailed analyses of four mega-trends that can bring about radical changes across the sector. They postulate that those who understand these changes can look forward to a bright financial future.

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