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Path of exil ethereal knives witch

path of exil ethereal knives witch

bettingf.bettingfootball.website › ethereal-knives. Ethereal Knives - your primary source of DPS. It's a Spell that fires multiple Ethereal Blades in a Nova around you, dealing high base Physical. Ethereal Knives is another spell-based skill, which draws on dexterity in addition to intelligence. The spell also technically deals physical. FOREX MARKET WINNERS

What about DPS? At level 60 in mediocre gear, for reference. How about survivability? I like to use a Granite or two to keep myself safe while herding packs. How does your current gear look? Pretty crap, lots of improvements can be made, but I had nothing in default when I started again. How does it look in action? Also managed to run into two Physical Reflect Necros in a row. I find a lot of the time some choices come down to taste. Always assuming skill point from Bandits in this build.

Level 73 — More mana and crit After this you are close to additional ES, cast speed, mana as well as crit multiplier and spell damage in the middle. You can also get a large amount of ES on shield and block next to Elemental Equilibrium. Level 69 — Alternative crit multiplier version If you prefer Diamond Flask abuse, you can easily switch out some crit chance for multiplier, or all of it, like in the above example build.

Ethereal Knives Elementalist The Witch throws knives from her body in a cone or a circle, tearing holes through her enemies and leaving tendrils of lightning, burnt flesh, and frostbite in their wake. Ethereal Knives is another spell-based skill, which draws on dexterity in addition to intelligence. The spell also technically deals physical damage, rather than elemental.

In order to deal elemental damage, the build relies almost entirely on the use of aura based skill gems. This does not mean you will deal less damage, however, as between your auras, the skill tree, and the Elementalist ascendancy, there is plenty of damage to go around. Ethereal Knives shoot out in a fixed cone from the caster and pierce through enemies to deal massive amounts of damage accompanied by a satisfying explosion effect.

Radiating Carrion Golems With an army of golems at her side, and assisted by the undead, the Witch commands her charges to destroy all who oppose her. Radiating Carrion Golems takes the Necromancer ascendancy and has extremely high damage output potential, along with great survivability. Your main source of damage comes from the Summon Carrion Golem skill gem, which you will scale to summon multiple golems at a time. Auras are used to boost the survivability of the player, but more importantly the golems themselves, adding elemental resistances, psychical damage reduction, and a small amount of damage.

The unique part of Carrion Golems is that they deal bonus physical damage based on other minions summoned, so the more you summon the more damage they deal. Summoner Calling into the depths of the underworld, the Witch raises her undead army to wreak havoc on the land of the living. Summoner Necromancer has been among the most popular Witch builds for quite a long time now, and has had a long run of success. While below I provide the link to a video for Summon Spectre, there are many ways to play a Summoner, as mentioned in said video.

You can choose from a variety of individual minions or any combination of them, and each build path will work for any minion chosen, with minor adjustments. Regardless of what you choose as your minion s of choice, the build will prioritize minion damage, life, and defenses, as well as player defenses.

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It uses CI to easily survive late game, coupled with critical chance. You can swap out crit chance for crit multiplier if you like using Diamond Flasks. Do you use any other skills or just rest your head on the keyboard? Curses : Critical Weakness or Vulnerability. I prefer Vulnerability. Buffs : Blood Rage. Who can say no? Faster Projectiles could work instead of Fork. Movement : Phase Run. Auras : Discipline, Clarity and Hatred.

Will I need some fancy gems or items? If you don't mind making two alts, you can get them all, except Blood Rage, from Act 1 Normal with a Ranger and a Marauder. These can be used as ammunition for Blade Blast or, in this case, as ammunition for our Animate Weapon.

The good thing about this change is that we can summon an entire army in instanced fights such as Sirus, Uber Elder, or Shaper and we no longer have to hope for identified weapons to drop when clearing a map just to sustain your army. However, the downside of this is that you are forced to use an ability to create the blades in the first place, which can be a nuisance. The build not only packs a nice punch but feels very reliable even for Hardcore. The damage scaling is very straightforward in this build, as it is ultimately a very generic minion-oriented build.

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POE 3.19 Ethereal Knives Elementalist T16 Clear Showcase path of exil ethereal knives witch

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