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Matthysse provodnikov betting lines

matthysse provodnikov betting lines

Matthysse's last fight was a classic with Ruslan Provodnikov back in April and he's hoping for the same outcome, a win, on Saturday night. Unsurprisingly, Pacquiao is the odds-on favorite and is priced at Ruslan “The Siberian Rocky” Provodnikov were all-time slugfests. Betting Odds: Manny Pacquiao (), Lucas Matthysse (+) He went on to win in fights against Ruslan Provodnikov and John Molina in bouts where he. FOOTBALL BETTING ONLINE UK PHARMACIES

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Matthysse provodnikov betting lines types of horse racing betting matthysse provodnikov betting lines

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One minute in. Matthysse using his jab. Provo to the body, met by an uppercut. Lead right from Lucas. Ruslan takes him to the ropes, but eats a right hand. One minute to go. Three-punch combo from Lucas, then a hook to the body. Ruslan tries to rough him up inside. Lucas to the body again.

Double left hook connects. Ruslan lands a stepping left and then both land hooks at the bell. Round two: Left hook from Provo, right hands from both. Nice combination from Matthysse, who's already marked Provodnikov up. Nice right hand from Matthysse. Lead right connects. Two-punch combination, ending with the uppercut. Uppercut, straight right by Matthysse, then another uppercut inside.

Provodnikov to the body. Ruslan to the body, eats another heavy uppercut. Same sequence again. Ruslan with an uppercut. Right cross by Lucas, clinch. Another uppercut by Matthysse. Another left uppercut, Ruslan goes to the body. Nice lefts from both. Lucas body shot and upeprcut. Body shot. Left hook by the Russian. Provodnikov opens up with a combination before the bell. Round three: That is a nasty cut over Provodnikov's right eye, which is from an unintentional headbutt.

Another hard combination from Matthysse. Ruslan with a lead right. Left hook from Ruslan. Right uppercut from Matthysse. Body shot lands for him, then a lead right. Ruslan trying to mug inside, lands well to the body. Left hook, left uppercut. Overhand right from Ruslan. Body shots from both. Good jabs from Matthysse. Three-punch combo by Lucas. Ruslan with a left on the exit, then another.

Ruslan with a left hook upstairs. Provo to the body and the head with rights. Matthysse firing back off the ropes. Nice hook and overhand from Ruslan met by a by the Argentinian. Round four: Good right cross from Lucas. Quadruple jab and cross from Matthysse.

Provodnikov swinging inside. Provo with a left hook, Lucas answers and eats a right. Combination from Ruslan, then a left hook. Straight right by Lucas and a body shot. Ruslan right, Lucas left hook. Another left hook from Ruslan. Ruslan left hook. Provo left hook and overhand right. Provo with a double left hook and overhand right.

Provo lands a pair of heavy blows before the bell. Round five: from Lucas. Uppercut by Lucas. Ruslan continuing to wade forward and land with a big overhand and left hook. Overhand right, body shot by Lucas. Ruslan to the body. Lucas body shot, right straight. Straight right, uppercut, left hook.

Another right hand by Lucas. Ruslan undeterred. Clubbing shots inside. Cross from Ruslan. Lucas catches him with a right coming in, then a sequence of jabs and a left hook at the bell. Round six: Left hook from Matthysse, then a combination capped by an uppercut. Brutal three-punch combo by The Machine. Straight right, uppercut. Provo firing inside. Lucas continuing to end combinations with hard uppercuts. Lead right lands, then a Overhand right from the Argentinian, then a right on the exit.

Ruslan to the body, eats a Lucas with a double left hook. Lucas landing power shot after power shot to the head and body. Ruslan can take ludicrous punishment. Left hook from Ruslan, then another. Straight right connects. Round seven: from Lucas, then a two-punch combination. Matthysse continuing to eat Ruslan up with combinations to the head. Heavy body shot from Lucas and now Ruslan looks cowed.

Hard right hand, Ruslan with a heavy body shot. Ruslan with a combo inside. Another right hand from Lucas. Provodnikov doubles up the left hook. Ruslan whiffs on a hook, lands an overhand right. Lead right by Lucas. Round eight: lands clean for Lucas. Big right hand lands, uppercut misses. Overhand right by Provo, then a left hook. Counter right from Lucas. Overhand right from Ruslan lands. Triple jab and a right. Provodinkov tries to open up. Body shot by the Russian.

Lucas using his jab well. Provo backs him off and tries a flurry. Good right hand as Matthysse backs to the ropes. Lucas keeps up the jabs until the round ends. Round nine: Counter hook from Ruslan met by a combination from Lucas.

More jabs landing for Lucas. Ruslan with a body shot. Two-piece from Ruslan. Lucas continuing to do work with his jab, snapping his foe's head back. Ruslan backs him to the corner, can't land anything big. But Provodnikov — somehow — kept plowing forward, hunting down his man. Matthysse wound down in gear in the 5th and also bagged the 6th — a big round — when he landed an unsettling number of shots. Sickening but equally inspirational stuff. Matthysse captured the 7th and 8th rounds, but was still dancing with a dangerous opponent who was landing with sporadic thudding blows.

The 9th and 10th also belonged to Matthysse, with the story much the same. But then Provodnikov came surging straight back in the 11th, taking the round and almost dropping Matthysse. The Argentine banger was getting truly banged up for the first time, but fortunately for him Provodnikov is not known for being a great finisher.

No knockdown came, but it was still remarkable to witness Provodnikov somehow muster the strength — both mentally and physically — to try and take down Matthysse. But more interestingly, he had yet to be rocked, shaken, wobbled — significantly hurt. Ironically, these were things he had already put upon his foe. There could only be one winner in this contest, of course, and despite dubious scorecards, the right man got the nod. Matthysse seemed relieved the fight was over, and who could really blame him?

More boxers will no doubt outclass Provodnikov as Matthysse did, but short of a bullet — or two — you wonder if anyone will ever stop the man. But, though Matthysse was exceptional at the weekend, it should be said that the story would be a lot different against Crawford and Garcia. Could Matthysse inflict the same kind of damage on Crawford or Garcia? He may be able to land big on them, sure, and even knock them out through the right opening, but he would not be landing the same punch combinations.

But hey, when you have a punch like that, anything can happen. Like Crawford, he never lets a man off the hook when they are hurt. Yes, he may have struggled against Lamont Peterson, a man who Matthysse stopped in 3 rounds, but we already know what happened in Matthysse vs Garcia the first time around.

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Lucas Matthysse vs. Ruslan Provodnikov (GP Highlights)

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