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Between a rock and a hard place naruto fanfiction

between a rock and a hard place naruto fanfiction

You have a place within you, somewhere in between your chakra, your soul and your blood, where your mind manifests as something ​real​, as something that. If you strip away Naruto's stamina and mega jutsus, Sasuke tops Naruto in almost every other area. He just has to fight hard from the. Sakura Haruno liked to think that she had a fairly simple lifestyle. She'd wake up at exactly six-thirty in the morning, clean herself up. TENNESSEE NORTH CAROLINA STATE BETTING LINE

Anyway, once the sails are secured, and the boat is moving. Naruto will release the two new clones and Temari will run for the ship, using her powerful wind technique to push wind into the sails and push the ship far into the sea away from the dock. Then Naruto will summon Gamakichi and Gamatasu. Sakura and I will fall back to Naruto forming a new line and Naruto will use a combined attack with the toads to push back the enemy long enough for the ship to get out to sea.

The Naruto clone in charge, umm Naruto will figure that out, will have a message to give to a messenger bird explaining the situation and asking for you an escort and us some back up. If anything happens and you need help, dismiss one of the Naruto clones and we will know to come help. Everyone got it? Only Hannah looked worried. Naruto smiled and put his hands behind his head.

If anyone could handle himself out here it was Naruto. And these three had worked together as a team since day one; a team that had been through so much must be pretty powerful together. Hannah decided she would probably just get in there way, she was nowhere near their level right now.

Hannah decided two things in that moment: one, she had no worries about leaving and would do her best to fulfill her part of this mission perfectly; and two, she would train harder than ever from here on out, so next time she would not be in the way or on a lower level than anyone, she would be a trusted comrade just like the sand and leaf ninja. When do we leave? Naruto helped the clone pick up Gaara and his sand gourd and put them on the clones back.

They both jumped out one of the large windows into the cool night. Eventually I may summon you depending on how bad things get. Everyone get over here now! Dismissing all but three, the four of them sit down and go into sage-mode together.

Just as they are finishing, the rest of the team emerges from the house. Naruto and his three clones, now in sage-mode, form the first level of protection around Gaara. The rest of the team takes their places silently, all knowing their jobs. Naruto ran without focusing on where he was going, instead he focuses on expanding his mind to sense even the slightest amount of chakra that might come close to the team.

Everyone ran swiftly and silently through the thin island forestry, heading west toward the docks. The night sky and the forest brush offered some concealment, but the moon and bright stars illuminate the night, like a dimly lit sun, setting the entire island alight.

Once they reached the docks there would be no hiding their large group, the large amount of light would prove to be helpful and unhelpful as the night went on. After reaching the halfway point between the house and the docks, Naruto and all of his clones stiffen suddenly. They waited to attack until we were too far in to turn back to the house.

They want to take us all out right here. Just plow through them and get to the docks!! He knew it was an illusion, clones were fairly easy to take out even in large numbers, but what made clones tricky was their ability to pass information to each other and their creator. They were constantly learning. The less they confronted the clones the better. Their mission was to get to the docks while fighting the least amount of them possible.

Emerging from the trees at the exact same moment all around them was thousands of themselves even clones of Gaara. Hannah screamed a bit when a Temari clone attacked her, she was facing her sensei and she hesitated. Naruto noticed the hesitation and sent a kuni into the clone and bringing Hannah back to her senses. Without any further hesitation the group quickly forced their way toward the docks avoiding as many attacks as possible. When the end of the trees was finally in sight, the group all silently went over the second phase of their mission.

Each one of them had a specific task to accomplish. Clones were covering the dock and blocking their way. Temari who still had point jumped clearing the rest of the beach and landing on the front of the dock. With her large fan she sent a surge of chakra filled wind that acted like large blades down the dock clearing the way for Naruto and Sakura to make their way to the ship with her brother.

Temari, Kakashi, Hannah, and Kankuro formed the defensive line holding back the never ending swarms of clones as they tried to reach the docks. Immediately Naruto saw it, the large amounts of blood smearing the wood of the boat and the dead crewman that lay lifeless over the deck. Naruto could sense only a few clones on the ship and pointed out their locations to Sakura and the rest of his clones, as they swept the ship eliminating the enemy Naruto and the clone carrying Gaara stood watching the battle ensuing on the beach.

The clones were getting more aggressive and smarter. Temari and Kankuro were on the outside of the line with Hannah and Kakashi in the Center on both ends of the dock. Their line was large and had gaping holes, but no clones had a chance to even get close. The four were working together to keep the clones as far away as possible. Kakashi had used his water dragon jutsu as a long range attack, Hannah was sending sharp chakra blades from her fans, and Temari and Kankuro were using their regular techniques to keep the enemy far enough away to avoid and physical confrontations which was about all the clones could do.

All the clones could manage to do were send countless kuni and shurikens at the line. The group was able to avoid them most of the time but occasionally one would catch them. Hannah took one hard in the shoulder and Kakashi thought she might break the line, but Hannah fought through the pain. Naruto motioned to the clone carrying Gaara and the clone ran back to the inner room and placed Gaara on his bed.

Two clones stayed in the room with Gaara, one outside the door and the final took his place outside the outer door that granted access to the inner part of the ship. The two new normal clones Naruto summoned have cut the ships anchor off and are pushing the large ship a few meters off the dock. With the ship free and moving, Naruto dismisses the two new clones and yells at Temari to come, at the same time Naruto bites his finger to use the summoning technique for the first time to alert the toad brothers to get ready.

Surprisingly Gamatasu appears. Do you have anything to eat? Well at least Gamakichi will be ready. This really is a worst-case-scenario. Kakashi and Sakura were holding the line, but just barely, by now Temari was running past Naruto and starting her jutsu to really get the ship moving. With the final swing of her massive fan, Temari lets loose a ferocious wind without her usually chakra blades and the white sails of the ship stretch to their full capacity and the boat lurches forward just as Temari leaps off the end of the dock to the ship where Kankuro helps her balance and stay on the ships edge.

With one final look at the Sand siblings, now safe with their brother inside, Naruto turns to the mob of clones that threatened to break through with their new sense of panic at their targets escape. The chief toad releases a huge stream of toad oil which Naruto manipulates with his wind style attack to form a projectile at the charging clones, just before the oil impacts the enemy, Gamakichi uses his fire style to create a huge flame along the oil.

They continue to sweep the beach until no remnants of the enemy remain. Naruto quickly formed a few more hand signs and he and the chief toad used the same concept to create a water bullet instead and put out the flames. Looking at the scene from a distance might be even more spectacular. Watching Naruto summon such a creature and perform a jutsu with it was incredible. He must really have a bad feeling about this if he summoned something that powerful.

Temari looked around the sea that surrounded them and finally looked at her brother questioningly. They had a good strong wind to carry them away and they were making good time. She could hardly see the huge billows of smoke caused by Naruto and his summon. Kankuro joined her before answering. The clone smiled back and let go of Kankuro letting him fall into the cold water. Both look uninjured and generally ok.

Kakashi sighs, contemplating their next course of action. Nothing had been planned from here on out and it was only a matter of time before the enemy fled the island. Their only lead at the moment was the man who had greeted them in the village. So Kakashi decided to start there. You know, the one who acted the same way as the first clone.

What was that noise? At this reaction, lee grinned to himself, he enjoyed pleasing the big-browed Sensei, and even more so when it was personally. He could feel the hardness of Gai, and tiled his head back with his eyes closed just thinking about what he wanted to do with it.

Gai took this opening to his full advantage to tease his beloved student. Gai began to return the favor, practically ripping off his clothes, but doing so painfully slow. Gai laughed and took Lee into his hands, causing the little leaf nin to buckle at the knees, sinking to the ground. Gai followed him, kneeling before him and continuing to stroke the length of his student. Gai inhaled sharply and grimaced at the slight rake of teeth, though not from pain, but the eminent orgasm he felt building up.

He sped up his antics, Gai moaned louder. Lee squeaked as Gai pushed him off of him and down to the ground, landing on top of him. Lee smiled at this, knowing exactly what was to come next. But then they heard a loud crashing as people tramped through the woods close to their hiding spot. Lee froze and looked to Gai to what to do, but instead of reassurance when he looked up at his mentor, he found a wicked lusty grin there instead.

But with people so close by Gai pressed himself closer to Lee, only a twitch away from forcing himself into Lee. Lee blushed when he realized what this meant. He readied himself as instant before Gai thrust forward, forcing his way into Lee. Gai grunted from the effort of every thrust into Lee. He began to whimper with every thrust as they got harder and faster.

Between a rock and a hard place naruto fanfiction mgm bookie between a rock and a hard place naruto fanfiction


Then the knife had twisted in his chest and he'd died. And now he was left in a state of complete and utter confusion. And frustration. Deep, seething frustration because as much as Gai liked to agonise dramatically over his book choice of 'How to Die as a Shinobi', he really did want to die. Painfully or not, he didn't care. Even if he was to be captured and tortured to death, he would have felt it was only right- that at least he was finally getting some of the pain he deserved.

The only reason why he hadn't truly swung the blade at his throat was because it'd be cowardly like his father, and Obito's eye would have nowhere to go Rin's last words would also have no one left to haunt. He stared at the ceiling- stained and bare and flat- for a solid minute before he remembers to move, remembers to breath and function again.

Naruto was a ninja, not to mention old enough to know the difference from friends and foes; so he should have been more observant. Little words were shared between the group as they ate, mostly because Naruto's mouth was full ninety-nine percent of the time. But by the time Naruto reached his six bowl, his wooziness was becoming more evident. Kudo had noticed how Naruto's speed had decreased drastically. His eyes felt so heavy all of a sudden and he was sure his hands had never felt this numb before.

It was a little scare seeing his entire visible give out into doubles and his face heat up. He had barely heard the other man's question when he asked what was wrong. He wasn't sure when his balance had given out on him, but he at least knew Kudo was extremely warm to lean up against. The very last thing he saw before his world faded beneath darkness was Kudo's gentle yet mysterious smile as he slipped one arm around the blonde's shoulder. It had became obviously apparent to all of them that Naruto was an especially delectable catch considering their previous luck.

Kudo merely shock his head. Ryuki pays big for virgins, and I just have a feeling Mr. Oblivious over here isn't too keen on intimacy. He scooped Naruto up into his arms and paid for their meal. Lucky for them the waitress and cook were busy with other customers.

Remember we get seventy-five percent discount on any meat we bring in ourselves. Despite there luck with escaping eyes of the public at the ramen stand, the group was unknowledgeable of the pair of eyes watching them from another shop.

It's getting late too fast. One could only run so much for so long. He hadn't had much look with spotting Naruto anywhere, and apparently so didn't the rest of the residents in this town. Knowing this, had Sasuke worried out of his mind. All the more trouble Naruto could get into at night may be fatal. After traveling a few more feet, Sasuke noticed a quaint little shop by the side of the dirt streets. That would be the first place Naruto was mostly likely to be, especially so close to dinner time.

They must have been some really caring mentors since they paid for all six of his bowels. He couldn't believe Naruto would catch a ride with generous people with just saintly personalities. Grown ups never tended to be friendly with a kid unless they felt pity for them or wanted some thing from them and Sasuke doubted Naruto looked like such a pathetic sight; though after missing ramen for several days, he would certainly sound like one.

Sasuke's little lead hadn't brought him far. It was no time before he was lost again. He would just have to go back to asking around. Sasuke noticed quite a few people heading down into an underground pub and followed them inside. But to his surprise, most of the people didn't even bother to sit at one of the stools or tables within the pub, but instead went straight to the back.

Naturally his curiosity got the best of him and he quietly crept behind them. The back door of the pub lead to a long stair well going into a dark cavern looking place. He scolded himself for even thinking Naruto would be in a place like this. But just as Sasuke turned around to head back on up the stairs, he heard the boisterous bragging of some of the patrons.

I say we go back and reclaim our merchandise. We could sell him for a higher price on our own. This caught Sasuke's attention almost immediately. Not only was there a chance Naruto could be somewhere around here, it sounded like these guys were into some illegal slave trading. And by the sounds of it, their new victim was probably very valuable. So maybe he would stay a little longer, just to find out for sure if Naruto was around or not. He groaned softly as his eyes hesitated to open.

His head hurt like hell and he certainly didn't remember being this cold before. In fact he remember being lost in the warmth of another's body. Lightly glancing ahead, Naruto noticed his world was turned on its side. Two muddy feet stared back at him until he sat himself up with a numbing pain in his head. He gently rubbed his head, which was damp from the water, causing his locks to stick to his forehead and somewhat cloud his vision. Brushing back his golden hair, Naruto looked bewilderedly at his surroundings.

This was definitely not the ramen shop. This room was pale and blocked with four gray walls; at least only the first set that is. Much to Naruto's discomfort, he found himself in a large cage; the cold metal sticking to his moist, naked flesh. It had taken Naruto just a moment to register that last thought before his eyes dumbly drifted down. Where are my clothes?! His arms flew to his sides as if that would actually cover all of him. He stared suddenly embarrassed up at the guy that stood in front of his cage.

What was going on here? Things just weren't making any sense. Those gawky fabrics only cover the true treasure form the customers. Naruto titled his head in completely confusion. Wasn't that the whole point of clothing; to cover up? Either this guy was short a few brain cells, or Naruto was in an alternate universe. But the men merely laughed at the boys incapability to comprehend his situation. But don't worry, that won't be for long. We'll get you a new wealthier master. Naruto was at a true lost for words.

Sold him?! Why would Kudo do that? He stumbled forward as they jerked on his bindings once more. Now let me go! Let me go! But he isn't going to be the only one for long. So until next time! Thanks for all the reviews so far, they really are spirit boosters!

Between a rock and a hard place naruto fanfiction what`s the moneyline in sports betting

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Between a rock and a hard place naruto fanfiction why is litecoin ranked over bitcoin

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