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Igindex spread betting

igindex spread betting

When you spread bet, you can take advantage of markets that decline in price . IG Index, CFDs, Spread Betting, Barriers, Vanilla Options, Indices, Forex, Shares, Bonds, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Options. The group is divided in IG Markets (CFD trading), regulated by the FCA, and IG Index (spread betting), regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. CRICKET BETTING KINGDOM

Advanced MT4 charts, chart trading features and market orders including limits, stops, stop-loss, and take profit are all available and free of charge. Unique advantages of the MT4 platform include the automated trading functionality that is achieved through the use of EAs and the 18 customer apps created by IG and the Autochartist plugin. The primary advantage of the L2 Dealer software is trading Forex at the market price, with liquidity from major providers.

This improved liquidity from dark pools, separate brokers and market makers, uses smart order-routing, which seeks out and executes trades at the best price from various trading venues automatically. Primed with features, the L2 Dealer platform allows CFDs and shares trading with the use of monitoring tools such as watchlists, live Reuters news feed, price alerts, and professional order control. This leading professional-grade technology offers high-speed execution, and no requotes or dealer-referred tickets.

ProRealTime Intended for technical chart traders, ProRealTime is a downloadable advanced charting package with advanced analytical features and trade monitoring tools. Functionality to trade from charts, as well as automated trading strategies, come standard free-of-charge as long as clients trade at least four times per calendar month. If this is the case, a fee of 30 USD will be charged for the use of the tool.

Evaluation Method We value transparency and openness in the way we review the partners. And the winner is: It's a draw unless you want to trade either smaller markets or strange ones such as Rough Rice. In such a case go with IG Index because they have a larger range of markets. Trading size Finspreads minimum trade size is usually 50p whereas IG's ranges from 50p to several pounds depending on the contract. The clear winner for most traders, especially those just starting out is therefore Finspreads.

Believe me 50p a point is more than enough to risk for many traders and whereas this sum might seem like a small trade tremendous profits can still be earned. For example, I'm in email correspondence with somebody called Brian S. And the winner is: Finspreads beats IG Index hands down for new traders because of the 50p minimum bet. Range of markets IG clearly has a wider range of markets but this is only relevant if you want to trade them.

For example, if you're interested in Belgian or Finnish stocks then go with IG. But if you want to trade UK markets and the big global ones Commodities, FX etc then both companies have the same range. IG also offer the best range of Binary Bets. So we're talking mature companies here and in the finance world that's generally who we want to be dealing with.

And the winner is: IG Index edges it but it's close. Ease of account opening Any spread bet firm that makes it hard to open an account is slitting its own throat so the account opening process of both IG and Finspreads is both easy and slick.

And the winner is: It's a draw Help Guides IG and Finspreads offer excellent help guides both online, and in their welcoming pack. Any trader new to the game can learn a lot from these so get studying. And the winner is: It's another draw. Customer Service I don't call my brokers that much as I have little need to but whenever I do they both pick up within a few rings and are knowledgeable and helpful.

Customer service is big in the spread betting world and both companies surpass themselves. Tip for new traders - Don't be afraid to call your broker asking what you think might be a stupid question. Perhaps it is, but if it saves you from losing money was it really that stupid or was it smart? I vote smart every time. And the winner is: Yet another draw Special deals for new clients Finspreads blows IG Index away when it comes to new clients because it offers the ability to trade at just 10p a point for the first 2 months and that's an incredible advantage.

I go into far more detail about how to learn using 10p a point in this free guide - How to Learn to Spread Bet and Prosper. And the winner is: Finspreads because of their 10p minimum bet for the first 2 months of trading. Excellent for learning the ropes.

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IG Index: What kind of Strategies are Spread Betting Traders Using?


It also has a specific shares section, which also provides commentary on corporate news. Liquidity: In order to purchase an asset, you need somebody else to sell you that asset. Liquidity risk is the potential that nobody in the market will be willing to take on the other side of your position at the time and price you want to deal. Because IG has a large base of over , clients and handles million transactions a month, we deal in high trading volumes and can almost always facilitate the other side of your position.

Stability: Particularly when the markets are volatile, financial institutions come under a lot of pressure. The decision was primarily based on its reputation within a relatively young industry and the low financial barriers to beginners opening an account. Although I was not in a position to take up the option of trading with no deposit; the option is available for those who can prove that they have the financial backup to cover their positions.

As the lowest stake available this was incredibly attractive. I quickly became familiar with the platform and trading interface which have consistently been at the forefront of the industry. Over the past five years IGindex has won numerous industry awards and their interface has become established as the industry standard.

IGindex tries to combine the power of a multi-market, cutting edge interface with simplicity and navigational ease for all levels of trader. The PureDeal platform offers an extensive range of currencies, shares, commodities, options and both specialist and exotic trading possibilities. Having originally been drawn to IGindex as an equity investor and CFD trader who wanted a straightforward entry into forex, without the financial requirements of traditional currency speculation, I found myself becoming absorbed in a diverse range of markets.

Although many other brokers offer this service and provide a more extensive range of markets, IGindex cover a solid range with the option to trade binaries on 5 minute timeframe on several indices. Their forex spot price binary options allow you bet on the 8pm closing spot price of a currency pair and they also offer a weekly binary on selective forex pairs.

With such a phenomenal market share IG has been able to stay on top with competitive spreads such as an 0. These really are some of the lowest available and, with an execution rate of 0. As a new account holder at the time, I signed up with a small deposit and looked to take advantage of trading from 0. The premium for trading with guaranteed stops was significantly wider spreads which became something of a double-edged sword for anyone looking to take short-term trades.

Clearly the guaranteed stop option is a good source of risk management for many new traders but the inability to amend this function for those trades where it may be unnecessary caused me some frustration. Talking to the highly responsive helpdesk which is open from 8am-9pm I found that I would need to deposit a significantly larger amount in order to become eligible for this upgrade. This will give you a dedicated account manager and also access to a 0.

It also gives you fully-customisable mobile dealing and tailored trade functions as well as access to exclusive events and seminars. The trading interface itself has several unique features which makes it stand out from the crowd of other spreadbetting firms. One of the sources of frustration for many spreadbetters are the restrictions placed on opening both a short and long position in the same market. This is particularly attractive for breakout trading and the option reflects how IG innovates within the industry to satisfy the demands of its customers.

Dealing on the PureDeal platform is straightforward with the possibility to have multiple tickets running at any one time. Although I admit this sometimes caused me navigational issues I think for many traders it is helpful especially for intraday trading across several markets.

IGindex prices tend to reflect the underlying market closely and they show the fluctuations in spread clearly on the platform interface. Mobile dealing is available across iphone, Blackberry and android handsets and these all incorporate the industry-leading IT Finance charts that IG use on their web interface.

Since then it has expanded rapidly, particularly since the mids. A large choice of global indices , thousands of individual shares, all major metals and energies markets like gold, silver, gas and oil, as well as a wide range of soft commodities, including sugar, wheat, cocoa, lumber and more. You will be offered tight spreads in all major markets. Using their PureDeal Technology, you will use a reliable, fast and customizable browser.

Real-time charts provide you with support for your trading, and DealThru technology allows you to place and update trades and orders through the chart itself.

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IG Index: Introduction to Spread Betting igindex spread betting

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