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Mma betting trends

mma betting trends

Looking for UFC public picks today? Odds Shark has UFC expert predictions for October, , plus UFC public betting picks, and UFC consensus picks. As always, with a big-time UFC fight, there are certainly plenty of bets to be made. Let's take a look at some of them. UFC Vegas 55's betting favorite won seven of the 11 bouts but did not turn a profit. The UFC's betting favorite is now The 'Fight Goes the Distance'. UTAH UTES VS OREGON DUCKS BETTING LINE

Since , fights in this division have gone over 1. Gina Mazany. Avila won the fight by TKO at 22 seconds of the very first round. Check out our guide to UFC prop bets if you want to know more about these specific wagers.

McGregor cemented his place in combat sports history as the first fighter to hold UFC belts in two divisions simultaneously. Dillashaw, Max Holloway, and Israel Adesanya. Dillashaw attempted to move down from bantamweight to flyweight, but Henry Cejudo had other plans, as he stopped Dillashaw by TKO in their fight. Four out of seven fighters have become double champs, which might be something to remember for future fights between two titleholders.

With so much skill in the Octagon at one time, betting on these thrilling bouts is far from a lock. So, for instance, if a bet is placed on the over, fans expect the fight to last longer than the number of rounds indicated. Bettors can also choose other variants within specific events.

For instance, if they select an event to finish with a knockout or expect the fighters to complete all rounds, these variants can exponentially increase their earnings. One could also opt for live betting and move their money around as odds fluctuate. Although the odds may be appealing, bettors could also choose to wager on the potential champion of a given tournament.

Starting with individual fighter starts, these are the basic guidelines all fans can review when they wish to get a good preview of how a fight might end. So, for instance, if contender A is , that means he is currently undefeated. This record will impact a potential contender B with a record. Odds will generally favor those fighters with the most recent wins or most victories overall. Other factors that might come into play are weight stats. To experts, betting against the heaviest fighter will give bettors over a 60 percent chance of making the right pick.

These tend to be standard numbers offered in the preview to every fight. Fans are recommended to take every piece of data at their disposal to make the best possible decision. These will never guarantee a win, but the contenders with the highest grappling numbers will walk into the fighting cage with an apparent lead over their rivals.

Contenders with higher striking numbers will tend to top the odds. To experts, a fighter with better striking stats might have a 70 percent of winning the fight before even stepping onto the cage. The first and most important trend to keep track of is to stay on top of your favorite fighters.

Contenders who continually top the list as the favorite pick to take over the event and ultimately do so will have better odds of winning any fight. Experts also recommend fans keep a close eye on underdogs and their potential turnaround. For example, in , underdogs cashed This means that underdogs made their solid appearance in almost four of every ten fights and managed to make some lucky and analytical bettors some good earnings.

Another trend to stay on top of is divisional results. In this case, when approached from a division scope, bettors can subdivide all MMA results and stats into more manageable portions. For instance, favorites to win the fight may have successfully conquered the affair in eight of ten total events in the league.

Yet, the favorite contenders were successful in only six of every ten fights. That means that favoring the underdog in this division will always drive probabilities of making a win higher than they would if the exact pick was made in another division. Finally, make sure to keep an eye on overall tournament results. For instance, some fighters may get great event results throughout the preliminary series but manage to fall short in higher events. This is where bettors will have a chance to decide how long they should favor a specific fighter.

These success trends throughout events are also helpful when determining this point in the race. In terms of over and under, the principle is similar. Other types of bets follow the same patterns. Whether a knockout by submission or points, the odds will vary but not differ in how they are meant to be interpreted.

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Rules are still quite limited yet have been gradually developed and reinforced given the pressure built by broadcasting networks and other major sponsors. Some of the main techniques allowed and promoted in MMA are ground fighting, striking, and grappling. A fighter becomes victorious when immobilizing their opponent, knocking them out, or displaying a strategic balance of superior defensive and offensive fighting.

The sport has gained significant popularity worldwide. By , MMA had surpassed million fans globally. However, on pay-per-view, MMA has always trailed right behind boxing. That same year, over a million PPVs were sold for a total of eight fights. It is also said that MMA, or cage fighting, is gradually becoming the most popular fighting sport in the world. MMA has allowed for more freedom in the cage, and with a great combination of endless fighting styles, the sport continues to captivate many fans worldwide.

Official league events are usually promoted and moved around sportsbooks to become a competitive dynamic to bet on. The first type of obvious betting pick is on individual events. Here, fans can easily choose which fighter they believe will take the event. On single events, fans can also pick on winning variants. For instance, they can decide on a contender beating their rival by a knockout, technical knockout, submission, or by points. These allow for a greater range of betting alternatives fans can explore.

Although there is no specific UFC season, the league releases approximately 40 live events per year, most fighters will gradually make their way to the more popular pay-per-view events. Therefore, fans and bettors are recommended to keep a close eye on rising contenders, and those events are not entirely covered as PPV fights.

These will also reach sportsbooks as attractive options to consider. Once fighters have gotten through preliminary events, they will reach more popular PPV fights. These events have the most coverage and, therefore, some of the most appealing alternatives for bettors. As fighters make their way to the top, they will also participate in a series of tournaments based on their weight category. Bets on long-term tournament champs can also be made.

Although they are not as common, most sportsbooks will offer an opportunity for fans to make their top predictions. Under the UFC, there is an ample range of fighting categories or divisions. The divisions, according to their weight restrictions and limits, are as follows: Heavyweight: lb On some occasions, bettors can choose different prop options.

These can range from a points handicap alternative to the overall length of the fight in minutes. Starting with basic odds, if contender A is placed with odds, they stand as the favorite pick. In this case, this category will be directly linked to the number of rounds bettors are expecting the fight to last.

So, for instance, if a bet is placed on the over, fans expect the fight to last longer than the number of rounds indicated. Bettors can also choose other variants within specific events. For instance, if they select an event to finish with a knockout or expect the fighters to complete all rounds, these variants can exponentially increase their earnings.

One could also opt for live betting and move their money around as odds fluctuate. For instance, the Buffalo Bills are 3. In most cases, if a lot of sharp money were to come on the Bills, they will likely move to 3-point underdogs and so on. Interestingly, the same can be said for MMA. Sportsbooks open a fight at a given price for betting and as money comes in, the line moves accordingly.

PJ Walsh wrote a great article about why it pays to fade the public in college football. I knew that it would pay to fade the public in football, but MMA is different. There is no weather to deal with or seven different referees with varying degrees of vision and competency. Furthermore, MMA Twitter is filled with knowledgeable fans who are always looking for a betting edge. My expectation was that the UFC public was significantly more accurate than in other sports.

But the data tells a different story. Thanks to Best Fight Odds , I was able to track the line movement of each fight from when the betting lines started to the opening bell. Profitability Is What Matters. In those 62 fights, the betting public is at predicting the fights. Not too bad, right? At face value, bettors would welcome a winning record. However, MMA is different from other sports. The disparity between favorites and underdogs can be stark and the public often piles on despite the fact that favorites are pricey.

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To put it nicely, Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal despise each other.

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mma betting trends


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