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Ether vs bitcoin reddit

ether vs bitcoin reddit

Botha are equally a good buy, but I feel ETH has more potential in the long run. The flippining may happen years down the road, but as far as. The reason is that in Bitcoin most of the rewards is going into electricity and for the depreciation of the hardware, while in Ethereum the. But the main difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is the use case for each. Put simply, Bitcoin is mostly known as a store of value, and Ethereum supports. SALT COIN CRYPTO

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Ether vs bitcoin reddit street smart investing west vancouver ether vs bitcoin reddit

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Spotlight Wire Reddit is a popular forum where many investors and traders gather to get the latest tips about the best cryptos to invest in.

Ether vs bitcoin reddit Different cryptocurrency types
Ether vs bitcoin reddit Trying to understand if you can stake without any risks unless you "intentionally" try to harm the network eg. A: I asked the same question a few days ago. I actually think the main value of the VDF is that it provides global trustable secure randomness to applications that need it. Ultimately the community will have to make a tradeoff between low inflation and high security. Eth1 does not have support for BLS A software implementation of the VDF would likely be useless for production. I'd say this would be the remit of the community, not the EF.
Ether vs bitcoin reddit It's mostly "how do we make this thing more elegant and take up fewer lines of code and have fewer edge cases" on the research side. It's safe to be offline during that time, but it does prevent you from re-entering. We need: long-running test nets however that is definedformal verification of the deposit contract, and clients to be ready for prime time, but right now it looks like everything will come together in time. Would it make sense to build something like this on top of Ethereum 2. A: Formal verification of smart contracts is awesome and super valuable IMO.
Bitcoin rise news A: A key consideration to future proof your contract code for Ethereum 2. They can used for proofs of space, proofs of replication, proofs of history, anti-frontrunning, expiring zk-proofs, and hopefully further applications which are hard to predict today. Unfortunately those likely won't be ready for phase 0. I expect specialisation—one can focus on the browser e. A: It got considerably simpler over the last year. Extremely effective cross-shard communication, either at base layer or through a variety of easy-to-use layer 2 systems.
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Btc thread make up torque The other thing worth worrying about is centralization incentives, but that's difficult to work out "in theory land"; much of the result in practice has to do with how lazy people are. If they run the beacon chain, they can then sync whatever shard chains they want. A: "Partial slashing" and the quadratic leak during times of no-finality actually financially encourage diverse validator setups. At this moment, it is still an open question and will likely be until much loser to the time. No need to call someone out. This means the consensus layer is subject to the application-layer DoS vectors e.
Ether vs bitcoin reddit Crypto no tax under 600 purchases
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Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: What's the Difference?


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Ether vs bitcoin reddit how to start investing in singapore

Michael Saylor - Bitcoin VS Ethereum

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