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Distressed investing primer

distressed investing primer

Abstract. The category of distressed debt is demarcated by a company in some sort of financial difficulty and bonds priced well below face value. of Deluxe Entertainment[1] has the distressed investing community Jennifer Johnson, Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) Primer. of troubled companies including subordinated debt, junk bonds, bank loans, and obligations to suppliers. Their invest- ment plan is to buy the distressed. INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS YOUTUBE MUSIC VIDEO

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How Mudrick Capital Views the Distressed Debt Market


As the investor, you can decide where to invest your capital. According to United States bankruptcy law, however, two-thirds of bondholders must agree to give loan holders equity. Related: What Is Arbitrage? Because of this high-risk, high-reward combination, distressed debt is often included as one small piece of a larger investment portfolio.

This way, the portfolio is diverse enough to spread out risk. In this position, they may have the ability to block your efforts. This presents an added risk; even if your efforts pay off, the company could still fall into financial distress again. Potential benefits of distressed debt investments include: Seeing high returns through restructuring: This is the goal of distressed debt investing and the best-case scenario.

Being paid out in the case of bankruptcy: If the company cannot be restructured and must instead liquidate assets and pay out stakeholders, debt holders are the first to be paid. Honing Your Strategic Investment Skills The alternative investments field is made up of a wide range of asset classes that require specific skills, knowledge, risk mitigation, and strategies.

Distressed debt investing is no exception. To gain a deeper understanding of distressed debt investing and other types of alternative investments—including private debt investing, private equity, hedge funds, and real estate—consider taking an online course, such as Alternative Investments.

Understanding the intricacies of each investment type and its potential risks and rewards can enable you to build diverse portfolios and make strategic investment decisions. Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of alternative investments? Upon news of distress, prices are volatile, and opportunistic traders can profit. Securities that are distressed typically trade at a lower price, which reduces the risk of overpaying and the potential value at risk for the investor.

However, while the relatively low price and the potential for a successful restructuring are reasons to consider an investment, they are not means to justify paying a premium. Martin J. Active Distressed Debt Investing There are two distinct classifications of distressed investing strategies: Passive and Active Investing: Comparison Chart Passive Investing Price-oriented strategy with a shorter-term expected holding period i.

Control investments require more capital. Since the firm has more to lose, the more its interests are prioritized over others that have comparatively less on the line. As demonstrated from the list below, most firms active in the distressed debt investing space operate multiple fund structures and strategies simultaneously.

Alternative Asset Managers: Eg. One potential explanation for this is that distressed firms are focused on the equity upside because their returns depend on value creation, which is accomplished by a well-executed turnaround plan. Distressed Debt Investment Criteria Consistent performance in distressed investing requires not only being able to identify market mispricings but also being able to recognize when the market price is valid.

Distressed investing may have high returns, but they also carry high risk, as most intuitively understand. Strict diligence into the financial distress catalyst, credit metrics, and gauging the feasibility of a turnaround based on secular knowledge can help mitigate some of the risks in distressed investing.

Common examples of distressed investing diligence questions are listed below: One of the most influential factors on creditor recoveries is the amount of senior credit and loan facilities e. Generally speaking, the more existing liens on the debtor and risk-averse senior secured lenders such as corporate lenders there are — the less likely there will be enough value to flow down to unsecured subordinated claims.

Distressed Debt Trading In short-term distressed trading, there is no expectation of influencing the financial or operational decision-making of the company. Distressed trading strategies have the objective of spotting temporary mispricing and capitalizing on these moments of irrational market behavior. Once the potential of default is announced in the market, mass-selling could ensue shortly, causing prices to decline.

While steep reductions in pricing are sometimes justified, the odds of mispriced securities expand dramatically during these periods of uncertainty, especially if the sell-off is driven by herd-based mentalities and emotional reactions. Distressed trading strategies ordinarily work best when involving well-known companies with large followings.

This is because the liquidity of the security is one of the main considerations when it comes to trading. Otherwise, the illiquidity of a relatively unknown investment makes a short-term exit less likely, regardless of whether the initial investment thesis was correct or not.

Trading around distressed securities sees the highest volume in: Companies with Large Public Followings Senior Tranches of Debt with Lower Risk Illiquidity Discount The further down the capital structure one goes, the fewer investors there are with the risk appetite to invest and the higher the likelihood of finding mispricing.

The more liquid an investment, the more likely it is priced near its fair value — as liquidity is the highest at the top of the capital structure. The purchase price of a security should reflect the illiquidity risk of the investment, especially if taking a short-term trading approach. Investors require extra compensation for the risk that market conditions may be illiquid when they hope to sell their holdings. Typically, the more illiquid an investment, the lower the trading price.

While long-term distressed investments can produce outsized returns, these investments require substantial time commitments and an acceptance of downside risk. A control-oriented investment is often a calculated bet that the debtor successfully emerges from a restructuring process. One piece of the puzzle is investing in debt trading below par, but a sizeable portion of the potential upside is predicated on being able to receive additional post-reorganization recoveries from a successful restructuring process.

Typically investments are made in the debt tranches near the top of the priority waterfall , as these securities hold a reasonable chance of recovery in Chapter 11 , especially since these firms seek to actively participate in the reorganization. Oaktree Distressed Investment Strategy Source: Oaktree Capital Given the magnitude of their controlling stake, active-control investors often receive a seat on the board of directors and are prioritized during negotiations regarding the plan of reorganization POR.

It is often difficult, however, to acquire enough debt securities to hold a majority stake. That said, this particular long-term investing approach has been predominately utilized by distressed private equity firms in recent years.

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What Is 'Distressed Debt 3.0?'

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