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Crown ethers and cyclodextrins

crown ethers and cyclodextrins

The complexes of cyclodextrins (CD) with crown ethers and related ligands are important since they may be useful models for the study of the transport of the. Lanthanide complexes of crown ethers, calixarenes and cyclodextrins: coordination versus inclusion Full text not available from this repository: check for. Formation of complexes between crown ethers and cyclodextrins has been studied using diffusion measurements. The structures of the complexes have been. SPORT BETTING AFRICA RESULTS REALTY

Crown ethers strongly bind certain cations, forming complexes. The oxygen atoms are well situated to coordinate with a cation located at the interior of the ring, whereas the exterior of the ring is hydrophobic. The resulting cations often form salts that are soluble in nonpolar solvents, and for this reason crown ethers are useful in phase transfer catalysis.

The denticity of the polyether influences the affinity of the crown ether for various cations. For example, crown-6 has high affinity for potassium cation, crown-5 for sodium cation, and crown-4 for lithium cation. The high affinity of crown-6 for potassium ions contributes to its toxicity.

Thus, eight lithium coronand salts were isolated. The thermochemical behaviour of these new electrolytes, the lithium salts and the crown ethers in acetonitrile and in propylene carbonate show that lithium coronands are less solvated than common lithium salts in these solvents.

The implication of these findings on the conductivity enhancement of the former relative to the latter is demonstrated. Thus, ionic conductivities of lithium coronand cations are higher than corresponding data for the free cation in propylene carbonate, an important aspect to consider in lithium batteries. These studies stress the importance of fundamental thermodynamics in the selection of electrolytes which show promise in battery technology.

Crown ethers and cyclodextrins alexandra perry ethereum crown ethers and cyclodextrins

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Crown ethers and cyclodextrins element materials technology investing businessweek gary

Crown Ethers

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