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Beta 91a placement tests

beta 91a placement tests

Precision-engineered. Integrated preamp. Two-position contour switch for kick drum & other low-frequency applications. For those who don`t have a fancy pants Shure Beta 91A boundary microphone but would like to place their Velcro for stay-put positioning is included. We tested the Shure Beta mics on acoustic drums. and mic placement, I later used the Beta 91A as room mic during a singer/songwriter. FOREX TRAINING COURSE DUBAI

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By techzelo. It may not be the best single mic for kick drum: but adding it in with another mic like the beta 52 or akg d or audx d6 immediately brings out the snap of the kick. This mic adds tons of definition so you can get a full-bodied kick sound that is more than just boom.

Terrific mic. If the drummer doesnt have a porthole in the kick stab one out so you can use this mic. It's great for quick setup and since I only use the Cajon for the low end as I play it using a foot pedal it works out perfect. I love that I can just throw it in there and it's ready to go. Don't have to worry about a boom stand or anything. I had the Shure Beta drum mic as well. Avoid excessive handling to minimize pickup of mechanical noise and vibration.

Do not cover any part of the microphone grille, as this will adversely affect microphone performance. Applications and Placement Location and room acoustics strongly affect the sound quality of microphones. To achieve the best overall sound for a particular application, it may be necessary to experiment with microphone placement and room treatments. Application Tone Quality Kick Drum Inside drum, on a pillow or other cushioning surface, 25 to mm 1 to 6 in. Full, natural sound.

Contour switch activated; 25 to mm 1 to 6 in. Experiment with lid height and placement to hammers for desired sound. Bright, well-balanced, strong attack; excellent isolation. Full, natural; excellent isolation and minimal hammer and damper noise. Mounting the Microphone If desired, attach the microphone to a prepared surface using the mounting holes on the bottom of the microphone.

Half-cardioid Polar Pattern This boundary microphone has a cardioid polar pattern in the hemisphere above the mounting surface. Contour Switch A two-position switch on the bottom of the microphone lets you selectively filter the low-mid frequency response without additional tools. Use this filter to enhance the attack and clarity of bass-heavy instruments.

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beta 91a placement tests

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