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What does round robin mean in betting

what does round robin mean in betting

Round robin betting is a creative type of parlay betting that requires making multiple parlay bets at once. The name comes from round robin. Round Robin betting is perhaps one of the most complex bet types out there. Essentially, Round Robin bets are a way to spread parlay bets. A round robin bet is a great way to hedge your online sports wagers, because it's a type of parlay wager consisting of 3 or more selections. BUY XLM WITH BTC

If we had played this as three separate parlays, one loss would have meant a total loss. A slip like this works great when learning how to bet on basketball , for example. There are typically a lot of games in a week and possibilities for wagers. Using a Round Robin calculator is also a great way to keep ahead of the numbers. A notional bet amount, in this case, is simply how much a bettor plans on betting for one of up to eight parlays.

Some sports betting websites will allow for more than eight parlays in this type of bet, but this is rarely seen nor recommended. You can even find more simplified betting odds calculators that will tell you how much you stand to win or lose on a given bet with given odds. In the case of this article, all odds are written as positive or negative numbers, which is referred to as American odds notation.

Sign up at an online sportsbook using a WynnBet bonus code. Try horse wagering instead and use our Twinspires offer code. RR betting and parlay betting are both ways of multiplying or spreading risk out over several matches.

Round robin bets are an excellent way to minimize your losses without hurting your potential payout too much. Think of round robin betting as a security policy that still has the massive payout of a parlay. How to Construct a Round Robin Bet Round robin bets require you to create at least three separate parlays with at least three different lines. Round robin betting allows you to create a security policy — you remain profitable even if one leg of the parlay fails.

If only the Nets failed to cover the spread, parlay 2 involving only the Cowboys and the Rangers would be a winner. If the Cowboys fail to cover the spread and both other events succeed, your parlay 3 with the Nets and Rangers would net you some cash. In a round robin bet, every parlay you construct is its own, independent event. You still break even with a round robin bet, even if one leg fails. Of course, if two teams do not cover, you will lose every parlay in your round robin bet.

If you want some of the rewarding payouts that a parlay offers but still want some added security, round robin betting is a betting strategy to consider. The best sports betting sites generally have software that allows bettors to save time and automatically create round robin bets.

Your sportsbook will generate all the options you need to create a round robin bet based on these inputs. Obviously, this can get fairly tedious relatively quickly. Accurate betting software eliminates the hassle that comes with creating immense round robin bets.

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