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Horse racing betting terms explained definition

horse racing betting terms explained definition

Betting Terms and Jargon Buster ; Price, Often referred to as odds. The chance a horse has been given by the market to win the race. ; Return, The amount of money. ACROSS THE BOARD: A wager on a horse to win, place and show. If your selection is successful, you will receive payouts for all three bets. If the horse is. bettingf.bettingfootball.website › horse-racing-betting-gambling-picks-triple-crown. CLEVELAND VS NEW YORK 2022 2ND HALF BETTING

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Horse racing betting terms explained definition arrey betting tips


Maiden A horse that has yet to win a race is known as a maiden. Mare A female that is over the age of five. Non-Runner A horse that was originally set to take part in a race but has since pulled out. National Hunt A type of racing that involved fences, ditches and jumps. Cheltenham and the Grand National are the most popular of the National Hunt races. Stallion A breeding horse on the male side is called a stallion.

Starting Price SP The price of a horse when it is at the start line. Commonly referred to as SP. Trainer A trainer is the person who has been training the horse and generally looking after it. Horse These are all used to describe a horse. C: The horse has previously won on the same course. D: The horse has previously won over the same distance. CD: A horse that has won on the same course and the same distance. BF: The horse has previously been a favourite in a race but lost.

R: The horse refused to race or take a fence. To guarantee a return, a minimum of two must win. Cash out — A payout that your bookmaker offers before the end of a bet. Co favorite — A horse that leads the market with one or several horses. Dividend — Amount that a placed horse or winning bet returns for each PS1 bet. This term is often used in Tote pools. Drifter — A horse whose price increases before the race begins. Dual forecast — A reverse forecast, also known as dual forecast, is a wager where the goal is to predict the winner or runner-up in any order.

Dutch — backing two or more horses in a race increases your chances of finding the winner, but it is generally at lower odds. Each way — Half of the stake is required to place the selection. The outcome of the bet will determine how it is settled. Edge — A punters have an advantage in a bet Evens — A price Equal winnings are possible with your stake: e. Favourite — The market leader and the shortest-priced horse in the race.

Fold — A fold is the number of selections in an accumulation. A four-fold is a bet that has 4 legs and 1 bet. All of these must win to earn a return. Forecast — This bet is on the outcome of a race. Straight forecasts are the winners and runners-up in the correct order.

Goliath — This bet consists of wagers that involve 8 selections. This bet has 28 doubles and 56 trebles. It also includes 70 four-folds. To get a return, you must win at least 2 of your selections. Hedging — To guarantee winnings or cut losses, you can place a wager on an opposing outcome to the original outcome. Heinz — This bet consists of 57 different bets that involve 6 selections from different events. This bet includes 15 doubles and 20 trebles as well as 6 five-folds, six four-folds, and an accumulator.

To get a return, you must win at least two of your selections. In the frame — A term that refers to a horse that has completed in the places. In-running — A bet that is placed before or during the race. Joint favourite — Two horses are considered joint favorites if they have the lowest odds of winning in the betting. Jolly — An alternative term for the favorite on the market. Lay — Place a bet that a horse will not win or place.

This is the opposite of backing a horse. Longshot — A horse that appears unfamed on the market shot, etc. Lucky 15 — This bet consists of 15 different bets that involve 4 selections from different events. This bet includes 4 singles and 6 doubles as well as 4 trebles and 1 fourfold.

For a guaranteed return, only one selection must win. Market Movers — Selection that has a significant price change, either by increasing or decreasing the odds drifting , Match betting — Fixed odds are a technique that is used by many to trade on the exchange market.

This technique can cover multiple outcomes through either in-play betting, or by looking for differences in the odds offered by bookmakers. This broad term could be used to refer to either a simple accumulator, or more complicated bets such as Lucky Nap — is the best tipper bet. Odds — A chance to win. Also called price Odds compiler — The person who determines the odds of a race being offered by a bookmaker.

Odds-against — A higher price than the evens. If the stake is higher than the possible winnings, you are betting odds. Odds-on — A shorter price than the odds. If the bet succeeds, the stake will be higher than the winnings. On the nose — A phrase that describes a narrow win margin. Often used for photo-finish winners. It may or not have been a win by a nose.

Overround — A practice that factors in a profit margin on prices offered by a bookmaker. Patent — A 7-bet bet involving 3 selections.

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HORSE RACING FOR NEWBIES: EXPLAINING ODDS horse racing betting terms explained definition

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