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Horse racing betting tips twitter

horse racing betting tips twitter

@theweldon88 provides us with his best four racing bets for a huge day of racing from Newmarket. #Tips #RacingTips #HorseRacing bettingf.bettingfootball.website Friday & Saturday Horse Racing Best Bets After a successful Royal Ascot, our horse racing expert has shared his favourite bets ahead of the weekend. myracing presents a list of today's market movers, with all the best backed horses included. Be in the know with all the day's biggest gambles by reading now! HOW TO CONFIGURE ETHEREUM MINER

He is very familiar with the majority of the basketball leagues both minor and major basketball leagues all over the world, and he carefully analyses his tips to the letter to craft winning tickets for his followers and subscribers. He is of the school of thought that betting is about profit no matter how small.

He has gone on many multiple winning streaks running into months lots of times. He is Mr Basketball. Horse racing punting is not for the weak as a great deal of commitment and patience goes into its analysis to craft the perfect winning ticket. So thumbs up to Mr Celeboy for his efforts in horse racing punting. He also engages in football punting occasionally to make profits for his followers. We will get to the reason later.

Minutespunt is a tennis and football punter who is more about the value odds markets. He is well known for his goalscorer and penalty tips during the major leagues season. He seems to know the exact players to score in a game. He does have incredibly sharp guts when it comes to this. That is just by the way. He is good at what he does and his efforts are very laudable. Cindy is a football punter that is known for her regular massive odds wins on Twitter and telegram.

It is amazing how consistent she is with pulling it off as regularly as she does. With her tips and tickets, many people have made immense profits from sports betting and changed their lives. She is a real legend in this business. He has won millions. Whenever I see him, this is a regular feat that leaves me bewildered every time. It takes sine qua non guts to steady pull such feats consistently. Spiritual is a horse racing enthusiast as well as a soccer punter and tennis occasionally. Accumulators An accumulator gives you the chance to bet on a number of races at the same time.

You will often see this at large races such as the Cheltenham Festival or Royal Ascot. They work in a similar way to the other two types of bets but you are simply adding more races to the mix. You can choose to pick six winners or you can add in each-way bets but the value of the amount you can win will reflect the chances of success. Betting odds explained The betting odds are designed to give you an indication of the likelihood of the outcome and how much money you could win.

What can affect the outcome of your bet? The outcome of a race can be affected by a number of factors with the main one being that your chosen horse actually competes. The aim is to not go with a gut feeling or by choosing the horse with the best name because you do need to understand a bit more about the way in which the horse has been performing. The form of the horse Form is considered to be one of the most crucial factors. If a horse has won every race it has competed in then it will more than likely be the favourite for the next race and will have shorter odds.

However, a horse that has not been performing will have longer odds but that does not mean that it is guaranteed to finish below the top spot, it just means that the chances are greater. The Distance Following after form, the distance that a horse will have to travel can affect the outcome. There are some horses that can cope with different distances while there are others that are better over six furlongs than 12 furlongs. Understanding how the horse has performed in different races will give you an indication of whether you should bet on them or not.

Conditions The conditions can influence how a horse performs and while a horse could have a very good winning streak, all of those wins might have come under good conditions. If the ground is soft then it could mean that the horse performs differently. It can vary, my first port of call is always to check my online notebooks. I will then look at the cards without the prices. Depending on the quality of the cards and the amount of racing on, I can spend anywhere from 10 mins to several hours looking for what in my opinion are good bets at the price.

How do you find the winner when its the first run of each horse? Again, first, I check my notebooks for anything I have in to look out for on debut or have been reported to have been working well. After that, I will look at the stats of the trainer and course in relation to their runners by age, distance etc. Then I will look at the entries they hold and their pedigree before finally checking the price.

Where do you look for information on stats and form of the horses? I have held a Proform subscription which is a brilliant piece of software that allows you to build your own databases and find your own angles. Would you use a paid horse racing tips service? There are several pundits whose opinions I respect but would never pay for tips.

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