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Donnaforex harmonics harvest

donnaforex harmonics harvest

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Avoid using power cleaners or other cleaning devices like steam or spray mops. Heavy furniture can cause major scarring and deep scratches. To keep your Harmonic laminate flooring in pristine condition, add floor protectors or attach felt pads to the bottoms of chair legs, tables, and other large pieces of furniture. Hard to clean stains can be removed with an ordinary, acetone based nail polish remover. Carefully remove the stain and wipe until dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring powder.

Laminate floors with beveled edges should only be cleaned with a dry micro-fiber duster. Harmonics laminate flooring should never be cleaned with harsh detergents or soap. For guaranteed reliability, Harmonics laminate flooring is backed by a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty. This residential warranty covers defective material, as well as the workmanship related to wear, fading, staining, joint integrity, and resistance to moisture during everyday residential use.

Replacements or repairs can be obtained with a copy of the original receipt, sales invoice, or other proofs of purchase. For an extensive list of products and prices offered by Harmonics laminate flooring, you can visit their website to browse the styles and colors they carry. You can also purchase different types of moldings including the Skirting Board for corners, the Quarter Round that fastens to an existing baseboard, and Stair Nosing that connects to single level stair treads.

Four-in-one moldings are also available. These types of moldings are typically used to profile carpets, as end profiles, as an adapter profile, and as transition profiles. Any moving charged object will create a magnetic field.

When the microtransmitters are mounted on the metal pipe of an irrigation system, the tiny magnetic field created by flowing water passively extracts the information stored on the microtransmitters and carries it to the plants. Water tested at a mile from the source shows the same frequencies as those stored on the microtransmitters.

In much the same way as a stereo uses a small electrical current to carry specific frequencies to speakers, water acts as a carrier wave for transmitting the information stored in the microtransmitters to plants. The microtransmitters are passive, require no power source, and emit no signals when not activated by flowing water.

The microtransmitters are easy to install and operate for two years before needing replacement. The number and type of transmitters used are proportional to the flow rate. Specifically, rates above 75 gallons per minute gpm require both a sequenced combination of different types and an increasing number of microtransmitters.

The frequencies selected for the microtransmitters optimize vibrations associated with the following functions common to all plants: Absorption and utilization of water, nitrogen, and light. Carbon dioxide absorption and use. Glucose production and utilization.

Nitric oxide absorption and use. Balmelli found that each of the above functions was associated with specific combinations of low to extremely low radio frequencies ranging from kilohertz down to 10 hertz. In all, more than 3, separate frequencies are programmed onto the microtransmitters. In other words, it appears that certain frequencies will produce a change in a plant that allows it to then absorb a different set of frequencies and so on until normal vibratory frequencies are achieved.

Other water characteristics such as pH, electrical conductivity, carbonates and bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and sodium absorption rate do not appear to be affected. It should be noted here that while some research has shown that low-power, high-frequency HF electromagnetic stimulation of plants can alter their metabolism [Vian et al, ], very little research has been done regarding the effects of low to extremely low frequency radio-wave stimulation of plants.

Results and Discussion Proof-of-concept field trials started in on a variety of crops at multiple sites located in Hawaii, Australia, Panama, and Washington State. The results validated expectations but also highlighted a limiting factor. The KPB technology would only work with water moving at relatively low flow rates approximately 20 gpm. In December , however, Balmelli made a breakthrough which increased the maximum permissible flow rate to 2, gallons per minute liters per second.

The minimum flow rate necessary to activate the technology is a very low 0. Subsequent to this advancement, an agricultural lab in Italy Minoprio Analisi e Certifications was commissioned to do two studies: one to demonstrate safety and the other to demonstrate that KPB technology could affect nutritional uptake in plants.

The safety study used spring barley to test for phytotoxicity. The results clearly demonstrated that application of pulsed, low-frequency radio waves was affecting the nutritional content of irrigated lettuce. Iron, manganese, and sulfur were higher in the control crops. It is important to keep in mind, however, that increased mineral uptake is only one component of the overall effect of KPB treated water.

Field observations of plants grown using Kyminasi Plant Booster have shown the following characteristics: Faster growth with increased yields Plants that are healthier, stronger, and more resistant to disease and insects. Larger, more appealing and plentiful fruit and vegetables. Produce which stays fresher, longer, after harvest extended shelf life.

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Harmonic pattern tutorial

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